Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wanted Basic Math Skills

I did alright in school. I graduated with honors. Okay, so I hated algebra and got a really low score on my SATs in the math part but gee whiz. Basic math skills when it comes to quilting: Half of a 9.5" quilt block is 5". (Including the seam allowance.) Plain and simple. So what did I do? I cut my components to be 4.5" and then I was short and ended up wtih 4" which gave me a 7.5" finished square. At least now I know what I did wrong and can remake the block to the correct size, LoL!

Today's block is a repeat already, I included it in Jeremiah's green quilt (see post With Fear and Trembling). I really like this block now though it bugs me I haven't figured out how to speed piece it and have to cut all the triangles individually instead of using the HST trick. It also bugs me because the outside edge of the blue floral is cut on the bias and that can lead to stretching so I must take care. I guess this block will get stashed and I can use it on the label of this quilt when it's done.

My cup runneth over. I have been being so discouraged about sales and such and suddenly I have SO much work lined up thanks to friends and family. 4 bags and 2 quilts. Then I have my own aggenda of my Shakespeare done by 10/2, a throw quilt for a friend who's getting married in May and 2 bags I have in my head that are trying desperately to get out! See, that's the thing about being creative. When the muse strikes it's actually almost painful to ignore it and do what you "need" to do instead of what you "want" to do which is create! I'd go ahead and make one of the bags in my head but the way today is going I would probably mess it up, LOL!

My day is slightly off kilter. First I started to make a little bitty purse for a 3 yr old and the lining fabric I wanted to use actually SHRUNK when I ironed it. Hmm... I've used this fabric before! How did that happen?? Then I made the quilt block wrong. I refuse to let it get me down. I WILL remake the lining. I will remake the block. They WILL be wonderful. Stay tuned, LOL!

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  1. I feel your pain, shrinking fabric when ironing, always the pits. This to will pass. Good luck with everything.