Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clean couch at least

I had today planned out in my head. Housework, sewing, put up laundry from yesterday (8 loads). Got up this morning (after almost no sleep because the kids were restless), downed some caffeine and motivated myself to do a load of laundry, unload/load the dishwasher, wash big pots and pans by hand, clean off and wipe down the counters and stove, clean living room/dining room and vacuum. Then it was about noon and I thought, "ALRIGHT!" I have a lap quilt I want to cut out, need to work on my w/u (block from yesterday) and do today's block. Ah, no...

Tony decided since it was nice and clean he mighth as well help by flipping the couch cushions. Helpful, yes, except... in doing so we discovered someone had poured? spilled? something unidentifiable but slightly yellow and opaque in between the cushions. So my major accomplishment today was taking off all the pillow covers and slip cover for my gargantuan couch (seats 6 adults comfortably) and wash them (2 large loads). Threw off my whole day! I had a nap with the kids, put the couch back together, made dinner and revacuumed the floor. I am NOT folding any laundry. I refuse! It will still be there blocking the hallway tomorrow. BTW my Mom made the beautiful slip cover you see on my couch. My dh's old drinking buddy (LOL!) gave us the couch as a sort of wedding present (and sort of because he needed to get rid of it). It is so comfy but so ugly so Mom made covers for everything. WHO gets a custom made couch? We do. :-D

Hannah is uncooperative again today so I did manage to get just a leeeettle bit of sewing done. I apologize to those who read my blog to see my block a day. Today's block and Thursday's are going into my N2Quilting Weird and Ugly Challenge quilt so I can't share pics except for this little tease, LOL! I also have another project I would like to start working on this week that is going to be a surprise so I can't share pics of it either. I am behind a little, I didn't do yesterday's block but I will hopefully get to it tomorrow and then I can share pics of it and tomorrow's block.


  1. Shame you had to wait a year for your big comfy couch too. LoL

  2. Yeah my hubby is waiting for me to make our covers. Been a year of just sitting on 3 stacks of foam for beds (twin size) and a blanket covering it all. It works for now. I think if I buy one more piece I might just use the foam as the cushion for homeade pillow coverings. LOL We are so CHEAP!