Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pirate Tote your Booty!

My latest listing! Took me ALL day yesterday to finish when it should have only taken about an hour. Here for your enjoyment, a tote bag! Measuring 10" wide by 10.5" tall and 2" deep it has 2 30" straps! The perfect size to tote whatever treasures you need to! For more information see: Quilted Batik PIRATE TOTE YOUR BOOTY Cotton Handbag


  1. Too cute! I love how colorful it is!
    Mekenzei called one of your other ones Skittles!
    Then she said Colors of the rainbow and started laughing.

  2. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!! it's HUGE Great fabric And...
    it's Pirate!!!! Great Des!!!