Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ice Cream and Denim

Today started bright an early again, with a still-sleepy Hannah thinking she was cheery and wanting to play so I've spent most of the day cuddling her off and on. Mom and the kids came over this evening while a couple of the kids were at church and she brought her leftover corned beef and cabbage roast (with carrots, potatoes and onions) and turned it into Corned Beef Soup (with the help of some canned tomatoes). She also brought some freshly baked herb bread. Yummy! One of my favorite meals I think and she makes the best bread, I could make a meal out of it by itself!

I finished up 2 bag UFOs today, ones I had started a week or so ago. The first was a dishtowel that I had. It was so cute with a dish of ice cream surrounded by cherries and a blue checkerboard. I added a too-orange lining with a couple pockets, straps and a zipper and made it a great summery tote! I listed it in my esty shop but if it doesn't sell by the craft show I'm planning on in May it will go with me that weekend. : ) It measures 12.5" tall by about 17.5" wide. Both sides are exactly the same.

The second UFO was a litte handbag/clutch from some more of those jeans I cut up a while ago. I have enough of the jeans left to do 1 or 2 more little bags like this. Tony bought me a yard of this wintry horse fabric for my birthday for me to make bags out of because he said, "Chicks like horses." I appliqued a 2 horses on the front and put a patch-style pocket on teh back. It measures 10.5" at the top (9" wide at the bottom) and about 8.5" tall. This one didn't make it in my etsy shop but is going to the craft show. I might make another one like this but get some of those wooden handles to go on it instead of the fabric handles. This bag is lined with the horse fabric. Everytime I make a bag out of these blue jeans all I can think of is "denim and pearls." LOL!

And that's all I have to report for the day. Oh! Except this morning before Tony left for work I finished Jenn's bag!!!!!! Since I am such a pain I am not posting pictures of it until she gets it and I will be mailing it either tomorrow or Friday so sometime next week I should be able to post pics.

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