Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rechargable batteries

I have no quilty pics to share tonight. One reason being my current project I want to be a surprise and so it is secret, though I know you all know me well enough to believe me when I say I did make a quilt block today. In fact I made 4.

The other reason being that my beloved Duracell batteries I use in my digicam ran out the other day and being broke I broke out the little wall-charger and rechargable batteries I got Tony for Christmas '07 that we'd never opened yet. I charged the batteries all night, took 12 pictures and the wonderful frickin' enviromentally and ecconomically friendly "rechargable" batteries died. Stinking dead. Kaput. No more. Not one OUNCE of juice.

I am wondering how many watts of electricity I am bowling though to recharge these wonderful batteries so I can then take TWELVE LOUSY PICTURES?! Would it be more eco-friendly to just go buy some more beloved, trustworthy, always ready Duracells?


  1. Yes, but where would be the challenge?

    That is why you must have, oooh, maybe SIX rechargeable batteries. Two for the camera and 4 to be always on the charge, little wall warts sucking energy, ever ready for the inevitable incidence of the two in your camera giving out right in the middle of the once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity of your kid's first steps, or something.


  2. ha ha- I have four in my recharging system and four in my camera- just so I always have more. Works out great so that the kids can use the spares for their game when I run out too!
    I will say Duracell makes great rechargable batteries they last me a whole hour of video taping then pictures for a few days. Nice...
    Now you will just have to post your little blocks today instead. :-)

  3. Deseree my dear. Did you get Lithium recharger batteries? The regular ones last a very short time in my camara but if I buy the lithium ones that are made for camaras that are rechargeable they last longer. Marion

  4. Oh, Des. I feel your "pain." I got a very nice cordless drill some time back. I only used it now and then. I've learned that recharable batteries have a shelf life, even if you don't use them, and keep them on "charge." The biggest lesson I've learned is that you shouldn't buy something for "down the road," without figuring whether it will be good down the road. Warranties run out ... and batteries expire. If anything has an expiration date, you can be sure it's there to protect the manufacturer. Not the consumer. Same thing goes with cordless phone batteries. Don't buy the replacement batteries when you buy your phone. Wait until the phone won't stay charged long. You haven't done anything dumb. You have to go through it to learn it. It's not an everyday topic. Sometimes we get lucky and someone just happens to mention their experience before you go through it. Not often.

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