Friday, March 13, 2009

Seeing Stars and Birthday Treasury

I snagged a Treasury on etsy tonight, and themed it in honor of my sister Diantha who turns 14 on Wed. When I was a kid I kept praying for a sister but got 2 lousy brothers (LoL) until finally Diantha arrived when I was 9. She was a fussy baby, a whiney little kid and she's turning into the coolest sister ever. She's a GREAT help with my kids, my house and I'm sure for Mom too. She's tall and gorgeous and got hit on today by one of the little redneck boys next door and rolled her eyes. Way to go, Diantha! Go check out my collectio of stuff that reminded me of her, Flower Child

Another etsian included my X's and O's quilt in her treausury here!

The kids and I, along with Mom and her kids and my friend Tara and her kids all visited the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge again. Man do the kids love that place! Afterward, on the way home we stopped by the Artisan Studio in Clinton where some of my handbags are for sale. Sadly none of my bags have sold in the last month but it has been dismal weather not suitable for walking around boutiques and antique stores. Not enough sun shine! Summer is coming though and I hope and pray the sales pick up.

Diantha followed us home, LOL (more like Jeremiah begged her) to spend the night and has been a HUGE help to me with sewing! Together we squared up the 6 star blocks I made the other day, made the other 6, made the 24 enormous flying geese to go around the first set, squared them up and set them together and made the rest of the flying geese I need. Lots of sewing, snipping, squaring and sewing. This is what we ended up with! I will have to add the second round on flying geese around the 6 squares with dark backgrounds tomorrow, I've run out of steam tonight!

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  1. Your star blocks are GREAT! Too bad they were so dang much work!