Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Upset checkerboard and Alien Yarn!

My block for today was a 4 patch. I made 18 of them and squared up about 30 of them, don't know for sure because I didn't keep track. All this in an attempt to make the checkerboard border for my "Delilah" quilt top so I can get some backing fabric and get it finished! I worked and worked on it and got down to laying out the last border and the checkerboard pattern wouldn't work. I didn't have the right number of checkers for the pattern to continue all the way around. I think, no problem I will just replace one of the 4patches in a corner with a plain white square and write the label in it. Well it didn't work either! I could take in all the little seams a little bit and tack 2 more squares onto the end, but take them in a whole INCH? I gave up on this tonight. Crap, crap!

On a much happier note I finished spinning my "Alien Batt" into Alien Yarn that GLOWS IN THE DARK! That's right! It is so awesome! Marion talked me through plying via YM since I had never tried plying before, I'd only done "singles". I think my yarn is a "2ply" because there are 2 yarns plyed along with glow in the dark thread. I don't think the thread counts as a "ply" LOL! I can't remember how much wool I started with, I think it might have been some where between 2.5 and 3oz but I got 76 yards of the 2ply and then another 10yard little pet of yarn that is just a single plyed with the glow in the dark thread.
Okay I have a confession. I thought the whole Twilight faze was so dumb when the movie came to threaters. All the little teenage girls lining up to watch the vampire movie. The STUPID vampire movie with day walking "vegetarian" vamps. HA! Well, when they released the movie to video they showed different commercials that made it look like it wouldn't be so bad and since our local grocery has a really cheap movie rental place in it, I rented it yesterday. I love it! I've watched it like 3 times. It is a beautiful, (cheesy, corny) romantic movie without any sex, which is nice for a change. Despite Mom's hatred of all things vampy (LOL) I love them, and it's a constant disappointment that I don't have fangs. Truly. Anyways I am going to try to get the books from the library now, since the movie left an opening for a sequel and I just HAVE to know what happens. BTW if you haven't seen the movie, you gotta watch it if for nothing else than the Cullen family playing baseball. Soo awesome!


  1. Wow Wow Wow triple wow! I love the plyed yarn!!! You did such a good job! Not that I didnt think you would anyway! I'm very proud of you! Its beautiful! Huggs Marion