Monday, March 2, 2009

8,942 First Seargent!

Sorry, I just had a flashback to Pauly Shore peeling potatoes in In the Army Now. LoL!
I, we, FINALLY got the purple charms swapped last night, er this morning at about 1am. Mom came over and it took us 3 hours to swap out purples and anything goes blocks for the N2Quilting list we are on. And I had already worked on it for an hour when she got here!! Apparently everyone LOVES purple because I ended up swapping about 80 sets which we all know means 800 charms.

Mom and Dad came over about quarter to 10pm and brought Beverly, cake, popcorn and Reese's cups. Always welcome! B who is 2 next week was a big help in swapping the charms! haha! Dad and Tony took turns walking Hannah around to put her to sleep while watching the Dark Knight.

My precious baby son Jeremiah decided he is a big boy now and that he is so big he can spend the night at his Nana Cheryl's (my MIL) house. Last night was the first night I've ever spent away from him in 3 and a half years--he even stayed with me at the hospital when I had Hannah. I can't believe he's so big already but I'm glad he loves his Nana and feels safe and comfortable. AND, Cheryl lives about a block away. LOL! We didn't have to go get him though, he is brave.

Yesterday morning started out not with church as usual but with a trip to the ER for Tony to have his hand looked at. Saturday night at work he ran it into a big metal car part they make (he works in stamping parts for the assembly of cars) which happens to have spikes all over it. Thank God it didn't fall on his hand and crush it! He has about 12 little depression marks across his knuckles and it broke the skin on the knuckle of his middle finger. This morning finally he can move his hang better but yesterday he couldn't move it at all and it is sooo swollen so we went for Xrays which told us nothing was broken just really bruised. A tetanus shot and prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medication that's a joke later we were on our way. So much to be thankful for in that situation! It is a very dangerous place he works in, if a person is not careful and even when they are it still is.

Well now I have a diaper box full of envelopes to mail and I am sooo sleepy! Better drink some more caffeine and get moving, LoL!


  1. Sounds like you were all busy yesterday!!

    I know I'm a purple lover and really hope you do purple next year so I can swap with you!! This year all the purple I had was allotted for another project as I didn't have a lot, lol. Aren't Mom's great and it sounds like you had a lot of help (useful or not, lol).

    I can't wait to see what the "Anything goes" blocks look like! I did get to go in with that.

    I hope Tony's hand is better today! And it sounds like Jeremiah is growing up fast. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up. It seems like yesterday that my Son was a toddler and playing around my feet and he's 20 now, LOL.

    Have a great day and get some rest!! Thank you so much for all you (and your Mom!!) do for the group. I really love being a part of it.

  2. Well I bet blue outweighs the purples!
    LOL. Sadly I think everyone in my house wants blue in their quilt, and green. I think we are too much alike at times.
    I know I will be looking for purples soon for my Memory Quilt, with Spring around the corner there should be some new ones out.
    So neat you let Jeremiah stay over at Gmas' glad he made it through the nite.