Friday, March 6, 2009

Puss in the Corner

I am finding that I like making my block first thing in the morning when Tony's still home. I don't know that it helps me or keeps the kids occupied, I just like getting it done for the day so by this time of night when I am tired I don't have to think, "Oh crap I gotta make my block!" Wake up, pour a nice cold glass of mountain dew and sew. Ah.... 3 1/2 minutes of peace. LOL!

So today's block is Puss in the Corner and I kinda like it. Still sticking with my 3 colors, I figure I will do 9 blocks like this and do sashes and then some creative borders and have a nice lap/baby quilt. Maybe THIS one will make it to my etsy shop (since my green one became Jeremiah's!)

Went grocery shopping this morning then rushed home so Tony could go to work, and the kids and I left at the same time to venture to JoAnn's. I needed to get a couple little notions to finish Beverly's birthday present and I snagged the LAST 2 FQs of the blue/white/metallic floral I've been using. Glad I did, now I know I will hve enough for a small quilt. I'll need to get some more of the black but they still had a bolt of it so no worries.

I finished Beverly's birthday present tonight just after dinner and OH MY GOSH is it INCREDIBLE! I took a bunch of pics and they just don't do it justice. I am so proud of myself and tickled I could just die! I don't use patterns for my bags and I have no seamstress-sewing background to help me figure out the non-quilty aspects so I made the bag in my head over the last two days and just trial-and-error'd it. And it worked! And it is WONDERFUL! AND, I didn't have to throw out and parts and start over. Praise GOD! It all worked and it's great. I am not sharing pics tonight, I will tomorrow though in a seperate post. I want it to be a surprise for everyone at the party tomorrow.
Tomorrow and Sunday are combined on my block calender and I will try to make the block tonight just to get it out of the way. We have a full day planned tomorrow that will involve being gone until late at night. Also I have lots of quilty engagements now! I have I think, 4 bags "ordered" (thanks Jenn!) and my dear mother in law called a couple days ago wondering if I could make a queen sized quilt for her companion by his birthday July 1st. And I wanted to get my Shakespeare quilt done by my anniversary October 2nd. I had better get crackin'!!


  1. I think these blocks will make a wonderful lap/baby quilt. I'm glad your New Bag turned out Great. and I can't wait to see Betsy' present! you make it sounds Awesome! see you tomorrow. bye.

  2. Congrats on finishing the present!
    I love your block. I think it would make a great lap quilt too.
    I sewed three blocks yesterday and I am hoping to come up with a few more and then make a quilt for Etsy too.
    Just have to think of some blocks that will work with what I made so far.