Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today has been busy and productive, and I haven't even put shoes on today!
This morning I got up and made my block for today. The calender says it's a "Navajo" something or another but I only made 2/3rds of the block. I left off 2 borders of HSTs because I felt like it and I made it 9.5" instead of 12.5". Really I have had this "not enough caffeine" brain fart feeling all day and couldn't figure out how big to cut the squares for the HSTs to make the whole block. At least I'm honest!!

I put another coat on Hannah's toe nails, which we painted last night and then I painted her finger nails. She was really good about letting me hold her hand still and blow on her nails til they were dried. Then she grabbed up a pacifier (greatest teething toys EVER these hard pink ones!) and happily showed Daddy her pretty nails. It was really nice today so Tony took Jeremiah out to play on the park.

While they did that I made another ordered bag, a little fun and bright one for a 6 yr old girl. I really like the way it turned out. Here's a pic of the back of it.

By then Mom and Diantha had arrived and I put the zipper in the lining of my Shakespeare book bag to finish it. Got it listed in my Etsy shop while Mom did the math (hehe!) for the variable star within a star blocks I need to made for my Shakespeare in the Park quilt (see a pattern??). They need to finish to 15" blocks so I was a little thrown on this.

Mom started folding my laundry (isn't she WONDERFUL?) while Diantha and I alternately cut squares, played with Jeremiah and I made a quiche for dinner (with tuna, chopped onion and spinach...yummm..) Then they left and I have tried to put up all the laundry she folded, which I've managed. I still have 1 basket left to fold and some boxes of kids outgrown clothes to tape shut and label. Then more squares to cut and diagonals to mark for my flying geese. But EVERYTIME I try to do ANY of that Hannah fusses. Oh well.

Our weather was really weird today! Hot this afternoon, so much so that I had to turn on my air conditioning already!! This morning it was a little cold though and I got to wander around in my slipper socks Mom knitted for me. I said I wanted some to take to the hospital when I had Hannah, 'cause even with the effort of labor and the hormones your feet always get cold there but that I wanted LOUD ones because by golly if I was going to have to have my feet in styrups I wanted them to be interesting! This is red heart yarn from walmart but look how the yarn striped and patterned as it knit! Cool, huh?


  1. Don't worry baby, Hannah will grow out of it! Diantha stopped being whiny, clingy, and needy about 2 months ago...

    I LOVE to fold laundry! I must! I do it almost every day! For 26 years!

  2. I agree with your mom I love to fold- now getting everyone to put it away well not so easy.
    Mekenzei is finally not so clingy and she will be 10 so it does happen! I do miss some of the clinginess though. SOME...
    Hey I love the little bag, I see some of the fabrics I sent in it. TOO COOL!

  3. I love all you wrote. It all goes out the window because I have one greedy little thought ...... I want your slipper socks. Geesh, TO COVET IS BAD!!!!!!!! Hugs, Lee