Sunday, March 15, 2009

What started it all

I didn't blog last night because when Tony got off work at 10:30pm he called and said that his supervisor was taking whoever wanted to go to Shoney's for the breakfast buffet because they ran more parts than day shift by a couple hundred and did we want to come meet him? You'd think I hadn't fed either kid all day because they packed away bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, fruit, salad, everything!

There wasn't a block for yesterday but I did do some sewing: I made a little girl bag. This one isn't going into my etsy shop because I have a better plan for it. I am thinking of making maybe 2 or 3 of these to take to the craft show I'm going to be doing on May. This is getting difficult to decide what to make/take. I don't want to take so much that I look stupid sitting around surrounded by bags, but I want to take enough that if they sell well (I pray!) that I don't run out, ya know? Hmm...must ponder some more, but not right now. Still too sleepy.

I thought I would share with y'all THE Bag that started it all. About a year ago my sister Diantha had her 13th birthday and I couldn't figure out what to get/give her. I had been working on a baby quilt made entirely from batik fabrics and I picked up some scraps and this is what I came up with. I appliqued a rhinestone "D" on the front and a little star burst on the back. She's never washed the bag but I am still amazed and impressed with the iron-on rhinestones since I have seen the kind of abuse this bag has suffered and the rhinestones still are hanging on! I took this bag and filled it with eyeshadow, make up remover, lip gloss, lotion, nail polish and some makeup applicator pads and boy was it a great hit!


  1. What a beginning! That was a sweet bag. Eye shadow for a 13-yr. old would've made any kid about flip!! Haha!

    Good luck on your May show. Just remember to display a selection. When one sells, replace it with another from a stash under your table. You'll do great! Always leave a place where one is missing. In it's place, put a "Sold" sign on a piece of paper. Psychology.

  2. Very cute little bags! I hope you sell tons at your upcoming craft show.

  3. I put a box under my table with extra things- then rotate what is on my table- so then there is no empty spots- and if the same person walks by then they can see more.
    You can also print your bags sold on ETSY that you would be willing to make again, put them in a photo book and create some order forms. I think you will do great. I know my first two shows I only sold two items at each- but I picked up some local business later on so...