Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meager Productivity

Today I was going to get a lot accomplished! My house was going to be pleasantly tidy and inviting. My children were going to be clean and happy. I was going to sew beautiful masterpieces and cook my hard working husband a gourmet dinner.

Today I didn't get a lot accomplished. My house looks like a picked over yard sale. My children need baths and are still in their jammies from last night. My husband gets to come home to possibly the worst spaghetti I've ever made. My sewing? I got 6 blocks made. Not even 6 whole blocks either, really.

I awoke this morning hurting so badly all over I couldn't really move until naptime after motrin, a very hot shower, a couple glases of caffeine and a lot of complaining. I sorted a huge load of clothes my SIL gave me; weeding out stained items to toss, 5 or 6 outfits to keep (along with as many onesies) and the rest for the goodwill. I folded them and put them up and cleaned out Hannah's drawers while I was at it. I ran my dishwasher. I made 24 flying geese that squared up to 4 1/4" x 2 3/8", talk about weird. Then I cut out 24 2 3/8th" squares for the block corners (which was very difficult today since I was hurting so badly.) Sewed half of the 6 blocks they made up together and realized that I cut LIGHTS for the corners when I needed DARKS. Crap!!
I left off that and made the horrid spaghetti and premade frozen garlic bread. Fed the kids. Picked out a billion little seams. Cut 24 little tiny squares from my dark fabrics (assorted reds). Remade the 6 blocks and ironed them. Then I made the pieces for today's block which the calender says is "Prairie Queen." I didn't get them squared up or sewn together. Hannah is in her fussy stage of the night so I will have to finish it tomorrow. Along with finishing the 6 blocks I made today because they are actually the center square for 6 larger star blocks just like them, hence the star within a star. And if that fiasco weren't enough I realized that I didn't just need 6 blocks the size I made today I need 18 more blocks that size with dark backgrounds and 18 more blocks that size with light backgrounds. Some other day! LOL! They will be the setting squares for around the edges of the quilt so I don't need to start on them til I get these bigger star squares done.

In the middle of all of that, during one of my breaks to nurse Hannah I snagged another treasury on etsy. Jenn (Sunshine of Autumn quilts) asked me if I'd ever made a Nursery Rhyme treasury, since she just happened to list a nursery rhyme quilt *wink* I said I hadn't, but it's time had come! So here it is Nursery Rhymes.

My Mom also got a main treasury collection today too, and did one in my honor, LoL!
Queen of Hearts

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  1. Well we all have those days. GO to bed get some sleep and tomorrow is a new one- LOL at least that is what My hubby always tells me. Sometimes you just need a good drink and a movie.
    I didn't get any sewing done- kids choir took my entire day and evening, so will have to make up for it tomorrow night I am thinking.
    Hope you feel better. I bet this weird weather is not helping!