Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Modified Friendship Star

So I am a little behind or maybe I have just been doing "instead of" on my block a day. Jenn's bag counted for I think 6 days. I made a bag or two a couple of the days, so now I am getting back to doing the calender. Except the blocks for the quilt it's doing now are kinda stupid. Well, not really. They are simple 4 patch or QST surrounded by a strip of fabric on all 4 sides. Not what I need to finish the blue/teal, white and black quilt I've been making blocks for. So I came up with my own, a modified friendship star.

I have added several new handbag listings to my Hamncheezr.etsy.com shop in the last couple days and I have more to add the rest of the week--mostly little handbags or "Little Princess" bags for little girls. I had a lazy do nothing day, really. I meant to finish a "regular" batik handbag, a venture that should have taken about an hour but has in fact taken ALL day and is still not done. Hannah was needy today, which kind of suited my "sit on the couch" mood. Jeremiah and I tidied up a little around the living room this evening but that was it. Sat around and rested I guess, though I don't feel rested. Maybe Hannah will be happier tomrrow and I can get some kind of work done since my MIL is taking Jeremiah for the afternoon. Or I can sit around with Hannah and watch a movie, LOL!

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  1. movies with kids is great quality time. They grow up much too quick to not take the moments when you can. I loved your new bags on ETSY!