Sunday, March 22, 2009

Knitting Pattern Please?

I have about 100 yards of a wool yarn that I handspun, slightly thick and thin but mostly worsted weight. I am looking for a small project since I don't have any more of this yarn (and wasn't intending to buy another batt but I could! LOL!). I am not really intersted in something felted either.
I want something kind of fun. Not a scarf. I'm thinking maybe fingerless gloves like I made my sister but only want to do that as a last resort. I've been browsing through Knitty and nothing has particularly sparked my interest. I should mention that I cannot follow a pattern to save my life so I need something particularly easy, LoL!
Please let me know your ideas!!


  1. Easy shawl?

    CO 4 st
    k2, yo, k
    in every row after that until you run out, k2, yo, knit to end

    Makes a pretty set of holes on the outside of the triangle, and really shows off the yarn.

  2. You can knit a triangle or 2 and then sew up to the bottom of the thumb and then above it a bit and it makes wonderful fingerless gloves. Do any stich you want or any size knitting needles. I would use a larger size so the yarn goes further. Marion

  3. You can knit some favorite classic sock pattern (good beginner sock, easy to do) is from

    You'll have to email them and ask them to sell it to you buy phone, well worth the $4.00. OR you can find loads of sock patterns for free online.

  4. oppsie, thought you had 1000 yards, but now see you have only 100 yards. Not enough for socks, unless they are tiny doll socks.

  5. what about a stuffed mushroon? or some other random little stuffed thing?