Friday, March 20, 2009

grr batteries!

I am exhausted and I haven't even begun to clean up my house (which needed it this morning but there was no time) or bathe my children (for the second time today)!

My brothers and sisters (and I have many) participated in a sort of aggricultural/science fair this afternoon. They had a "booth" on growing things and another one about what to do with sheep. LoL! The "booth" next to theirs was shearing sheep all day and then theirs was about cleaning, carding, dying, spinning and knitting. That was fun. I got a bunch of pictures and of course my batteries died. GRR! So now I have to either recharge the stupid batteries or find other batteries and I am not bothering with it tonight.

Hit the fabric store after that and got some fabrics for the blue charm swap this month. They are in the washer right now along with some more of the black I've been using for blocks so I can once again begin my block-a-day, tomorrow. I've been doing them, I swear, just not sharing pics. Several went into Jenn's bag which I mailed today so I should be able to share pics of it on Tuesday? Marion recieved a package I sent her today too so I can share pics of the little girly bag I made for her daughter Barbie. Here are those pics.

I made 2 other "Little Princess" bags I call 'em yesterday. Have a third ready to put the lining and straps in and then it will be done, I just didn't get to it last night. Can't share pics of THEM because of the batteries. Now I can cross those off my list. I cut the linings for 5 sock knitting bags but didn't make the pockets so those are next on the list. All in preparetion for the craft show. This thing BETTER happen or I am going to be SWIMMING in quilted handbags, LOL!

Tony is off for the weekend and on the agenda is for him to get a tattoo he's been wanting for at least 2 years. He wanted it to years ago when I got my cross on my back but I told him it was my turn, LOL! I still say it's my turn since he has 1 more tat than I have but he's not listening to reason. Men! Mom is supposed to be drawing him his scorpion as we speak. We shall see, hahaha! He said something about dropping me and the kids off at Mom's while he went to go to that. Huff! He said it was because he didn't think Hannah would be happy without me for the couple hours it'll take, and they won't let babies in the tattoo parlor. *I* think it is because he is afraid to take me with him because instead of costing him $200 it will cost him $350, buahahahaha.... And a special thank you to everyone who has purchased an item from me in the last couple months for your contribution to my wonderful hubby's tattoo fund!! I appreciate it!


  1. The scorpion is done, though the artist may want to change the face nominally. I couldn't find a good, black and white rendered pic of a scorpion for a guide on that.

    Luke 10:19
    :D Mom

  2. Deseree,
    Barbie loves her bag!!! She kissed it when she opened it! I will be posting pictures of her with it too!!! I love the yarn. Now the hard part what to make of it!!! :) It was so so sweet of you to gift us with these beautiful gifts. Your bags are Asume!!! I love the perfect work you do! God Bless you and your little family! Huggs and tons of thanks!