Monday, March 9, 2009

Road to Oklahoma

Everytime I write/type the word "Oklahoma" in my head I hear "O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A OKLAHOMA!" Stupid musical. Am I nuts?
Isn't this block a Jacob's Ladder? I think this calender is trying to mislead me. That's the least of my worries apparently because I just noticed that I put 3 of the 4 patches in wrong. There is supposed to be a diagonal line of black square going from the bottom right to the top left. Crap. Now I've got to take it apart and fix it. Just not right this minute. 2 out of 5 isn't that bad is it?

Hannah has been fussy today and running a very low grade fever off and on so I haven't been a productive ball of fire. I think she is teething. I hope, hope she feels better tomorrow because I am selfish and want to get some sewing done. Mom is supposed to come over and we're going to work on my Shakespeare in the park a little bit and I'm sure she will bring a project too. Tony has a Drs appointment at 10 to have his hand looked at again. I am sure his bosses won't be happy but we are hoping the Dr makes him stay on light duty as he still is having a lot of trouble and pain when moving his hand. He changed Hannah's diaper this morning and it hurt him so badly I didn't think he was going to be able to finish it.

Our weather has suddenly turned very warm, in fact even with all our windows open it is hot in my house 'cause I ran the oven about 3 hours ago. My kids are running around in their underwear/diaper and sweating but hey, be cool or have brownies?


  1. I love this block. It looks like a Jakobs ladder to me too. LOL> I even typed it my way.
    My kids will run around like that in the winter- and they are a lot older- no worries. Let kids be kids!

  2. Jacob's Ladder has the 4-patches turned the way you turned the wrong ones, and usually the HSTs facing the center of the block will be the same color as the dark in the 4-patches.

    Road to Oklahoma has the 4-patches turned so they make a diagonal line in the block.