Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crazy Anne

This block looks nothing like a "Crazy Anne." It actually looks more like a Stuck-up Sophie. Or a Morose Mildred. Or Confused Caitlin. Eh.

I managed to get my block for today made this morning while Tony was home. It didn't turn out like the calender page again, cause I used 3 fabrics istead of 4. Also worked on more on my secret something I'm doing. Called my Mom to find out what Besty wants for her 2nd birthday on Monday. Mom said she'd like a little handbag, in red of course. I have this idea in my head that is WONDERUL and INCREDIBLE and terribly CLEVER! Have to wait to see if I can do it, ROTFL! Need to hit the fabric store in the morning to look for some gromets. Walmart didn't have any today. I leave you to wonder. Anyway, when I called Mom put her (Betsy) on the phone and it went something like this:

Me: Beverly, what do you want for your birthday
B: No
Me: For a present. You get presents on your birthday. Like Christmas.
B: Hi!
Me: Betsy, what do you want to open on your birthday? What kind of present?
B: Hey Daddy
Me: No, listen. Do you want hairthings?
B: No
Me: Do you want a train set?
B: No
Me: What do you want for your birthday?
B: No (I hear Mom asking my question again.)
B: Dew!
----Side Note----
I got another etsy treasury west tonight, calming storm colors, LOL!


  1. You know she practically DRAGGED me out of bed one day last week, and handed me my boots, because I told her I left the Mountain Dew in the car!

  2. ROTFL!!!!
    That is hilarious
    I almost did the Crazy Anne Block today- that is too funny. I have it on my list for tomorrow. I was just trying to decide if it will work with the ones I did today. I dont want to get too many that are too different- because the it wont work for a lap quilt or something.