Monday, March 30, 2009

Theft at the Post Office and an Opportunity for Forgiveness

I had really good intentions to get some quilting done this weekend. I didn't. Tony was home, I was tired, we ran around a lot. I even thought about just "cheating" and making some 4 patches today but who am I kidding? Which is terrible because I need to remake a bag like one I sold yesterday (praise God!). Hannah is not cooperating, again, though. I don't know if she is having a growth spurt or what but she has been soo clingy and wanting to nurse every 5 minutes (seems like). I haven't gotten sleep in days!

I am so upset and disappointed tonight. I mailed a Secret Pal package to my pal 2 weeks ago. I couldn't afford to mail it priority so it went parcel and I have mailed things back and forth with her with no problem so I didn't think about insurance either. It took 2 weeks for her to get it and this is what she got! I cannot believe it.

Someone stole everything out of the box! They torn the ends (which i made sure to tape very well!) off, took out everything inside it (7 quilt magazines, a pin cushion, a pigma pen and 4 quilt blocks I made especially for her!) and replaced the contents with a metal pole from the rollers they slide the mail across on!!!!! Then they packed brown paper bags in the ends of the box and retaped it. This is so horrible, I can't even begin to tell you! Monetarily there was only maybe, $25 wrapped up in the package (before shipping costs) but I purposely bought a lot of a specific quilt magazine off eBay for her, made the blocks, etc. I am so sad. She is going to her PO in the morning to talk to them, since there is a person somewhere between here and there not only stealing mail but stealing PO equipment to refill boxes!! Sheesh!

I'm adding on to this post from earlier because of a converstation I got to have with my son. I didn't think Jeremiah was paying any attention when I talked to my Mom and husband on the phone about what happened, but a few minutes ago he came to me and said, "Mama someone stole her stuff?" I told him yes, that is what happened.
He said, "Why would someone do that?"
I said, "Because sometimes people do bad things. That is why we need to love Jesus, because He can help us not do so many bad things. And He forgives us when we do."
Jeremiah nodded and said, "Like I forgive Josiah (his 8yr old uncle) when he does bad things."
I said "Yes, but it's even better when Jesus forgives us because He forgives things no one else can."

It's an awful thing that happened, and I am still sad about the loss. But the loss was just "things." Because of this situation I was able to talk to my son more about Jesus, and that is worth it. The lady who received the package (or lack of) said she would pray for whoever got into the box. She was being more Christlike than I was at the moment because I was thinking that maybe it would be nice if the air got let out of their tires. I'm a little ashame of that. The Lord forgives me, quickly, when I ask! I should be quick to do the same. As a normal human it's not my first reaction to let things go, forgive and move on. It's easier sometimes--most of the time--to hold the hurt close and let it get worse. It's kind of like getting a thorn in your hand and letting it sit and poison you. It hurts to remove it, but leaving it alone will just make things worse. And so I do pray for whoever got into her box. I pray that they might even enjoy the magazines and learn a new craft of quilting, make quilts and bless others with them! But mostly I pray that someday they meet Jesus and accept His forgiveness, cause it's better than anything else.


  1. Oh gosh that is terrable! Yes even the post office is not safe. I have learned the hard way to always insure stuff. Its about 1.70 now for items under 50 dollars I think. Well worth it when something like this happens. Huggs to you and her both! Sad sad world we live in when people steal things your mailing. Marion

  2. Oh my, What a sad but wonderful way to have a lesson with your son. I am so sorry this happened to you all.

  3. You know that was awesome. Despite everything being able to turn it around is great. I love when we can take an adult lesson and teach our children something about Christ from it. We had the same basic disussion in our house last night. Of course our pastor has been speaking a lot about forgiveness too esp among our own family members as Easter approaches.

  4. Des, I'm so sorry for what happened with your package. Please don't immediately assume it was a post office employee who did this. The package, because it took so long to travel, was probably mis-delivered and the recipient could've opened it and then returned it to the carrier a couple days later for re-delivery. My DH is a mail carrier. I'm going to show him your pic and ask him if that roller is familiar to him. It may come from someone who lives right next door. At any rate, you handled this very well. May He bless you for it.

  5. I'm so sorry both to you Des and to your SP. How disappointing it is to have something like this happen. You did a great job of turning this situation around as a learning experience for your son.

  6. Des, I spoke to my husband and he said that you should (or your friend) contact the Postal Inspection Service .... don't go to the Post Office. Don't go to the mail hub for local post offices. You may not get a resolution to your problem, but they will investigate. Have your friend wrap that roller without handling it anymore, in case they want to examine it, and keep the packaging. The Post Office should offer you some compensation or resolution to this problem. You weren't at fault. I know you figured it wasn't much in value, but it was. You put thought, effort, money and care into your package. Good luck, Lee