Friday, March 27, 2009

If it Ain't One Thing...

It's 12. Well, not really 12. Today has been a pretty good day all in all. I have a killer, sick to my stomache headache that has been building for 2 days. That is I guess the only bad thing that happened today except that my 3 yr old is making me NUTS. Kid won't pay attentin, won't obey, won't list....basically he's being a 3yr old boy.

I finished Mekenzei's bag today and mailed it! I have pictures to share but now my computer won't read my camera. AHHHH!!! It is worked EVERY day, 36 TIMES a day if I want it to. I plugged it into the computer tonight and only half of the pictures loaded. It wouldn't let me transfer any of them them. Every time I tried to unplug and plug it in again I got an annoy little pop up that said USB port not read. Crap.

I didn't make a quilt block today, see previous paragraphs about finishing a bag and having a headache. I've worked a little on spinning some of my Alien Batt I made from lime green dyed romney wool carded with some black merino. It is strange, it is the same wool I used to make my Watermelon yarn about a month ago but for some reason this one is spinning up right between sock weight and worsted weight yarn! Very thin. The good thing is I will get more yarn, the bad thing is I am going to ply it with some glow in the dark thread and the thread is $5 for a spool of 100yds. I only got about 10 minutes worth of spinning done on it, which I also took pictures of but can't share.

I recieved my mini quilt from the 4 Seasons Quilt Swap 5!!!!! I panicked when I saw the envelope though, it came from Australia and my hubby said "Isn't that who sold your Sheep on Safari mini to back in Jan?" I thought oh no, please don't tell me it got lost in the mail and took 2 months to come back!! Nope, it was a wonderful, miniature red quilt! I had to steal pics from Helen's blog since MY CAMERA or COMPUTER SUCKS! but here it is, I love it! Please click on the pictures to look at bigger versions of them because the quilting is so pretty! I think I have just the spot for this, right inside my front door on the wall! I can't wait to get a little wood dowel (probably I will steal a stick from my Mom's yard and sand it) and hang it. Thank you, thank you Helen! I love it! It is called Summer Poppies and it's just beautiful!


  1. You are right it is so pretty when you click on the picture and can see all the detail!!!
    I will continue to pray for your headache. I know how those can get.
    On the camera sometimes I have to do two diffeent things- turn the computer off bring it back up. Take the batteries out, put them back in.
    Something with resetting either of them. Worth a shot if you have not tried it.

  2. I Love the Mini Quilt! it's Great for you. bright and Red and Beautiful. I'm so sorry you have a Headaache, I have a bad today too. yeah, I about the Camera thing too, stupid things.

  3. Yahhhhh Desiree! I am so happy it arrived safely and you love it! Thats made my day. :) It was a fun one to quilt, all that hot red! !! Enjoy!