Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trying to reply to a comment

Carla Dawn commented on my "Big Ugly Man Mittens" post/pattern for plain 'ol "man sized" mittens saying, " Hi Love your blog !!! Can you tell me how big these mittens are when complete. I have a male friend who wears 3 XL hands. I have been searching for a pattern to no avail. This is a wonderful pattern. I didn't see any finished measurements, perhaps, I missed the numbers. Thanks for the pattern. "

Unfortunately I can't reply to her, and her profile isn't public so I have no way to contact her directly to answer her question. I'm hoping she will see this post.

In answer to her question:
Laying flat the mittens are:
8" from the tip of the fingers to the inner edge of the ribbing (where the ribbing ends and the mittens start).
The ribbing is 3.5" long.
Across the widest part of the hand they measure 5" (unstretched, not including the thumb)
The thumb is 3.5" long at the longest edge (from the edge of the palm out to the tip)

If these would still be too small a person could knit with the yarn held double and do the ribbing on size US 5 needles and the body on size US 8 needles, with the same row and stitch numbers and it would increase the mitten size without having to alter the pattern.

I hope this helps and that Carla sees it!