Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I have been severely neglecting this blog; I have in fact been wooed over by the quick and easy use plus social media platform of tumblr.

It's so easy to just hit "text" and type out whatever frustration I'm having at the time.
I'd love to get back more to this one though, as this was my creative-outlet blog where tumblr is more my emotional-outlet blog. My Dr recommended I blog or journal so that I can better manage my anxiety and not have to go on Xanax LOL! So far, so good. 2 yrs and counting.

I also regret to inform you that I haven't knit any hats for the homeless yet this year. I think I can still pull it off though.

I've done a moderate amount of quilting, finishing up a couple lap or baby sized ones to list in my etsy shop and I've managed to add a single row down the side of our previously queen sized shaggy quilt! It now actually covers our huge king sized bed and will wonderfully once I get the 2nd row done.

I'm getting ready to take on a whole new different type of quilting project than I've ever done before. I'm going to make a quilt, slightly bento box style, out of t-shirt fabrics. A woman my MIL works with gave me an entire rubber maid tote the size of a coffee table full of her grandson's baby blankets. I've bought some fusible stabilizer and next week I hope to set forth on this adventure.

For tonight, I'm going to play Transformers with my son and finish knitting a "True Loves Socks" pattern sock (search Rav for pics).