Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Good Time?

Last night at 11 pm our head maintenance man/manager for our apartment complex knocked on our door and informed us that our shower drain in our master bath was leaking into the tub of the master bath in the apartment underneath us. Lovely! He says, Just use the shower in your hall bathroom and we'll be back Monday to fix it. I told him the shower in that bathroom hasn't worked in the 2 years we've lived here. It wasn't a big problem for us since the tub works just fine and that's the "kids" bathroom and I usually give them baths anyway. The good thing was I had a shower right before he got here and I can give the kids baths tonight so Tony is the only one with a problem, LoL! The bad news is when the guy showed up I was sitting on my couch with a towel on my head, in my jammies, with my house TRASHED (2 days of just coming and going littered with baby toys) and a beer in my hand (one of those new Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus, yummy!) This morning I realized I also had a bright red Victoria's Secret bra hanging in the shower he was looking at. Mom says Beer, Towel, Trashed House, Lingerie...sounds like a good time.
We took Jeremiah bowling along with his Nana Cheryl. (Papa) Buddy was supposed to meet us but has even worse timing than Daddy does so Buddy showed up about the time we were eating dessert at Ryan's. I didn't do toooooo badly, I bowled I think 108, LOL! Seriously I've bowled 48 before so it was a good day. Dropped Jeremiah at church, drove over to Alter Ego on Kingston Pike to talk to "Big Jon" Goad about Tony's scorpion tat. The guy is awesome and is currently sporting a 6" fuchsia mohawk like Tony and Jeremiah had last summer. Killer!

Yesterday was also National Quilting Day and did I sew even one stitch? No! The closest thing I got to "quilting" was to cut out 4 sets of 10 5" charms from blue fabrics for this months charm swap. Tomorrow I will have to play catch up on my block a day again, but that's okay 'cause the only thing on the agenda is to rent Twilight.

Today Tony and I cleaned house (with Jeremiah's help, he picked up his toys like a good boy) so that tomorrow the maintenance dude's can come and do their thing. The main part of my house wasn't so bad but my bedroom needed a LOT of work. Basically just boiled down to putting clothes up and most of those were Tony's though, so ha!

Dropped Jeremiah off at my parents house to play so we could keep our 6pm apt. with Jon. Mom, being the great artist that she is drew Tony a tattoo of a scorpion with "Luke 10:19" in the "links" of the tail. He was so happy with that! And Jon, being the great artist that he is inked it for him this evening. Tony went with classic red and black to which I said he was just trying to copy me, LoL! (My tats are all red and black). He's been wanting this tattoo for at least 2 years, if not longer. I am so happy he finally was able to get it!! When we got back Jeremiah had Mom draw a "tattoo" on him of a "guppion" as he put it. Check out some of the work they've done over at Alter Ego where we get our "body modifications" done, LOL!

I got a little work done too 'cause piercings are on special on Sunday, hahahaha!

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