Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Betsy Bag

Now that everyone who I wanted to surprise with this is safely at church I can share pics before I head out to a later service (then on to the party).
My sister Beverly (Betsy) turns 2 on Monday. She is an incredibly bright little kid and she, like her big sister Des, LOVES red. When Mom said she could use a bright red little purse to go with her Easter dress (leave it to Mom to find a bright red Easter dress...wonder if she's done that before?) I immediately pictured this little bag in my head. Please bear with me and all the pictures, I am so very thrilled to have had this turn out exactly like I intended! I didn't have a pattern, just an idea and I "made" the bag in my head a couple times to work on the bugs. This is what I came up with, a "Learning" purse. The lining was acquired years and years ago, the outside of the bag a couple weeks ago but they have the SAME flowers on them! Serendipity! The outside also has a yin/yang looking paisley.

Here you see all the tabs and flaps open. The closure for the bag is velcro (though a button is sewn to the outside of the top flap). The tab on the left also has a button sewn to the ouside but is actually a snap closure. The tab on the right has a big button and button hole. All three buttons are vintage pearlized ones, very pretty!

The bag of the bag. The outside is quilted in pairs of random wavy lines on a diagonal pattern. It's quilted with red thread so it doesn't show up very well in the pics.
The right side of the strap has a 4" zipper that opens to a little pocket inside the strap. I can't believe I didn't mess this up!!

The is the left side of the strap. It has gromets/eyelets that have a red ribbon threaded through so Be can learn to tie ties in a couple years. HOW often do you get to use a hammer in sewing? I can't even begin to tell you how much fun that way!


  1. Wow girl you out did yourself! What a wonderful sister you are! I adore this purse. I think this would be a good seller in your shop honestly for little girls. A girl can never have too many purses!!! Thanks for shareing! Your Awsome!

  2. Oh you need to sell those- that is absolutely wonderful!
    I love the red too, just perfect.
    I really love the red and white fabric. That is so pretty!
    Congrats on a great great job!

  3. Ok, that is just the cutest! Great job Des! I know she's going to just love it.

  4. Awesome little bag and should be fun for the recipient to carry about. I remember how cool I thought I was when I got a purse to carry for the first time..