Wednesday, March 25, 2009


When you share a Fudge Round with an over zealous 11 1/2 month old, you end up with little fudge turds all over your newly washed blue jeans.

My block for today was a Churn Dash and that made my 9th block out of the three fabrics I've been using which gave me enough for my quilt top. I experimented with the layout of blocks and settled on one I liked best. Then I played with sashing; white was too bland, black was too harsh and the blue floral print was way too much! Usually if I making a sampler style quilt I prefer to use sashings and/or cornerstones so that the individual block patterns don't get lot together. For some reason this quilt just looks better without them, so I sewed the blocks together and added a thin 1" (finished) border. I like it like this but I wanted to go just a little bit bigger so I came up with the idea of a checkerboard border.

I wanted to include just a couple black squares in it and I've done one per side. I don't have all my blue and white 4patches made so bear with me. Should I make it 2 or 3 black squares per side or just leave it at what it is? I couldn't decided what to call this quilt so Mom did me the favor of hollering over her shoulder at all my brothers and sisters, "What's a girl name?!" THere were several answers but "Delilah" was the best and seems to suit this quilt rather well. I keep having a picture in my head of it finished and set diagonally on a table, so I think I will market it as a lap quilt or table topper. Might also add a hanging sleeve. My goal is to get the top finished by this weekend when I can afford to pick up some backing fabric. BTW my Churn Dash block for today is in the bottom left hand corner of the quilt.
This was my "wordless Wednesday" pic from this morning. Tony has an ATV playstation game Jeremiah just loves because he can drive around aimlessly and run into things.

I finally managed to snag a Treasury West on Etsy, I had collected items and favorited them for it about a week ago. I called it Majestic Mountains. It is almost all from the Quiltsy team I am on. The next one I want to do will be all bags from the Carried Away team I'm on, then the Schooling at Home Estians (SHE) team.... then I can do some just for fun, LOL!

Another lovely etsian featured one of my bags in their treasury tonight, a beautiful collection called Aqua and Magenta


  1. Another great job, Des. I love the black included around the 4patch border. While it's on your design wall, you might try arranging it with two black squares per side and see how it looks. Personally, I kinda like the lone black block per side. But you might ask Jeremiah, lol. He did pretty good with his green quilt!

  2. Love the Family Fun pic!! Love Delilah with one black square too.