Monday, March 16, 2009

Diantha's fingerless gloves

Finally I can post a pic of the fingerless gloves/mits I knit for Diantha for her birthday. I couldn't do it before I came them to her 'cause the little rugrat reads my blog, LoL!

I love YarnsbyAshleyB on etsy. She doesn't list a ton of stuff in her shop but I like almost everything she does and occasionally I buy some when I'm having a moment of lack of self control. This was one of those occasions. I had favorites a yarn of hers called Misfit Circus thinking it was just the right yarn to knit Diantha something. It was yellow/orange with a slight bit of pink here and there and spun/plied with a thread with sequins on it. I bought it and dyed a small chunk of it dark plum and another chunk very orange just to mix things up. Then I knit it into these super cool fingerless gloves, seen here modeled by Diantha as she tried to cut her cake.
I have been doing a bad job of managing my time. My house is falling down around me while I sit at the sewing machine and I need to rework my priorites with that. I do need to do sewing but I also need to have order in my home. I need to make a list of sewing things I need to get done so I don't get overwhelmed and confused and then I need to make a list of housework to take care of and alternate back and forth between the 2 lists so that everything gets done. Not all in one day mind you, LoL! Today is clean up the house and go grocery shopping day! I have been putting off the shopping since Friday morning and we are seriously out of food, LOL! And I had a girl write to me this morning and say she'd like to come over and try on the prom dress I listed on the craighslist so it's time to clean house too! Nothing like some incentive!!!


  1. Cute little gloves. I know Mekenzei just loves hers. I stole them all weekend because it was so cold and I could not sew with my hands frozen.
    I will make sure I return them to her drawer before she finds out. LOL
    Hard to do everything isn't it?

  2. amazing pattern!
    i like your post and glove....beautiful!