Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Westward Ho

What the heck kind of name is that for a block??
I am just in a cranky mood. My kids have not been sleeping well at night for 2 or 3 nights now and keeping me awake, this evening my house is in turmoil and Hannah is incredibly fussy (also for 2 or 3 days now). The minute I set her down she cries. I pick her up and she cries. I nurse her and she cries. Ugh. I started to try to put up laundry to try to make the house look better for when Tony got home and only managed to get about 20 hangers out, which Hannah threw all over the floor so now there is more of a mess.
Today started early for me (esp after an equivelent of about 3 hours sleep) at 8:30. Hannah wanted to play, which worked because I was able to piece the last 4 pieces I needed for my W/U top and sew it together. Still working on the borders. I can't decide and I'm going to leave it on the design wall to mull over it for a little while.

This evening I cut out some pieces for another quilty project, the one I'm not going to share pics of. Except..maybe another tease, LOL!

Got about 15 pieces sewn together and the pieces cut out for my block for today before Hannah pitched a fit again and cracked head on the table leg. I really hate today's block. I love the fabrics but I'm just not feeling the pattern, I think it's kind of ugly. I like mine done in 3 colors WAY better than the calender pic that shows 4 colors. I love the blue floral which is odd 'cause I usually don't do florals and I think I might go buy another couple FQs of it and some more of this black and do a sampler quilt out of these fabrics. That would be another one for the Black and White quilt challenge and maybe I can come up with names for these colors that would go for the Initial Challenge too. Maybe Dream-vacation-Blue, Nior and Blanca? Blue, white and black? LOL! Don't know if that will fly for the Initial Challenge since black and white are freebies anyway. Might just have to come up with something else for that one. It's due June first though so I am well on my way to procrastinating.

Oh, in my overwhelmed and foul mood I misread the calender: They say the block name is Friendship Block for their sampler quilt Westward Ho. It was Monday's block really that I didn't do, I did Tues and Wed for my w/u so now I'm caught up!


  1. So do the colors but then do sashing with initial colors- I never looked at the rules because I knew it was one I was not quite talented enough for so... I think it looks great.
    Sorry the kids are so fussy, esp Hannah. It is rough. Zekaryah was that way for 7 months straight. It was him reacting to milk, would have been nice to know earlier. I will pray that everyone in your house sleeps peacefully tonight. Sleep is so important.

  2. It's your quilt, dearie, so it's YOUR rules...

    I feel for you with the fussy babies, TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!