Monday, March 2, 2009

Blessed silence

All is quiet at my house as my babies nap on the couch. I wish I were napping with them because I am so incredibly tired today but instead I am using the quiet to look up pictures of Shakespeare in yahoo images. Yes, Shakespeare. No, I won't tell you why.

Today I didn't do a whole lot. Washed 2 or 3 loads of laundry (guess that tomorrow's Tackle it Tuesday is going to be??), ran the dishwasher and finished spinning the Inconcievable batt Mom bought off etsy from XtremeSpinning. I traded her some of my black merino for it and weighed out the same grams as the batt and she said, "I only get the exact same amount?" HA. Merino for mystery, so who is ahead? I don't know really because it made one awesome yarn! The whole time I spindled all I could think was "I love the 80s...."

I started to cut out my block for today, which was actually the block on the calender for Thursday so I'm ahead but it doesn't matter in the slightest because I can't show you. LOL! It's going to be my W/U challenge entry so it must remain a secret until the voting is over.

I can show you the only other quilty thing I was working on today. Jenn sent me some disappearing nine patch blocks in the mail a while back, which I think were for the swap that I swapped out last night and I forgot them so I am sending her other goodies in return. I squared the blocks up and played with them for a while on my design wall, rearranging here and there. This is what I came up with but then I was 2 squares short so I drew a couple leaves on the paper of my heat and bond, cut them out and ironed them to a beautiful salted handdye and cut them out again. Ironed them onto some very subtle WoC fabric and tada! Bet you can't even tell I'm short 2 blocks, LOL! I think this needs a thin solid border then some pieced borders and it will make a nice lap sized quilt. Right now it's going to be 30"x36".

Thanks to Mom figuring out the timing I was able to snag abother treasury on etsy. I picked all bright and colorful baby quilts and called it Baby Geniuses. Go check it out, you don't have to be an etsy member to look at the lovely quilts and you can even see Jenn's which is actually named Baby Genius!


  1. You are nicer than me, LoL!

    Mystery for Merino...hmmm... HOW much fiber (quilt fabric, fill in the blank) have I given you??? But the yarn looks GREAT, I love it!

    Sorry you missed your nap. I missed a LOT today. ~~sigh~~


  2. wow, your arranging of my blocks is looking good. I think I need a design wall. LOL. I was using my bed and it didn't work well. Heck my quilt last night is falling off the table. Wonder if hubby would let me hang one from the rafter. Bet not:-(
    I love your yarn looks good.
    Thanks for the plug on the Baby Genius Quilt! I just put a listing with the school district through their sell page- through a teacher of the kids. SO maybe just maybe. I love the leafs you made