Saturday, February 28, 2009

Turtle Tigress

Yep, you heard right. Turle. Tigress. I can't understand 3 year olds.

I finished THE quilt. THE quilt that was originally my Not Really Irish St Patty's quilt. THE quilt that then became Jeremiah's Green Quilt with pirate backing. I told him to think of a name for his quilt, so I could put it on the label. He thought long and hard all afternoon and came up with "Turtle-Tigress." He is on a Kung-Fu Panda kick and loves Tigress, but he says since Tigers are orange and his quilt is green we're just gonna pretend.

Here is Jeremiah's finished green, Turle Tigress sans label. I didn't get the label done or it washed but he is happy, happy!
I said, "Jeremiah I'm so happy to have made you a quilt."
To which he replies, "Mama, I made the quilt. Well, I did some of it. I did all the blocks in the middle. You did the binding." Glad we have that straight.

I have no idea what size it is. It was 40 3/4" wide before I quilted it, LOL! Remember the problem I had with the sashes? All I know is that it quilted with only 2 little bitty puckers and that it has binding on it. Good enough for me. The binding is even different across the bottom because I was stash-busting bits of binding. I think it's really cute and I'm glad he loves it! I am glad because of the odd size that he changed his mind about the flying geese border and wanted a checkerboard instead. I still have a bunch of the squares for the checkerboard and 1/2 yd of the pirate flannel so I am thinking a throw pillow to match?

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  1. That happy happy smiling face of Jeremiah says it all! He is such a swettie and loves his mommy dearly you can tell! Makes life worth every bit of it!!! Enjoy his smallness while you can the years fly by way too quickly! He has put a smile on my face that is for sure!!! God Bless huggs! Beautiful quilt! You are Awsome! Marion