Monday, February 2, 2009

Bad tension

I thought I'd have quilty things to share today. But no. My machine tension is messed up and I can't fix it. I want to throw the (insert explative of your choice here) thing off the balchony. It's eating things, breaking thread, making loops...

Luckily there was no block today and I was just going to try to quilt a little table topper and the puppy quilt. It seemed to be working fine for quilting the table topper but I ran out of bobbin thread. Simple, wind bobbin. I figured ya know, I really need to quilt this baby quilt. I try that (remember the machine is working at this point), quilt 2 lines and look at the back of the quilt. The bobbin thread is making a loop every 3 stitches and the top tension looks to tight (but it's set on zero!!)

I growl and decide to just stipple quilt it the next time at Mom's and move on to something else. I made a bag last night 'cause I thought my shop was looking a little bare, listed it and sold a different one this morning. Sigh. So I piece the front and back of another bag and make the button tab and lining. I begin to quilt one of the sides of the bag and my tension goes all to hell. Eating the fabric and batting. Loops. Breaks. Snarls. (Insert series of growls and mutters through clenched teeth). Nothing I do helps. Still Loops. Breaks. Snarls. Eating of the material. This brings us to me wanting to toss it off the balchony. That would fix my tension problems.

Aside from that, I am tense personally. I woke up with a lay-under-the-table-with-your-head-on-the-floor-in-the-dark headache and while it was still raging I called my Drs office and left a message about a refill of my sleeping pills. Only I said "renew" instead of "refill" and "subscription" instead of "[rescription." Sigh. I didn't hear back from them. Tony called the mortgage company and the woman who is supposed to be seeing if we qualify isn't bothering. She said her computers still aren't working right, but she's checking on $102k loan and thinks it will be somewhere between $650 and $800 a month. Growl. He says he's going to call a different ompany.

I bundled the kids up about 3 (missing nap time) to go to the PO and mail the bag and hit the court house and renew Tony's truck tags, which we forgot to do before they expired on the 31st. Our courthouse has a really cool drive thru for tag renewal. Awesome! Don't have to get kids out of the car in the snow. Drove downtown to find the courthouse closed 2 hours early, but according to their sign they hope it wasn't an inconvience to me. Bangs head on steering wheel.

Hannah has cried all day. About everything. She was sick a couple weeks ago and wanted to sleep with us, which we let her do because she was running a high fever. Ever since she WILL NOT sleep if she's not being held or laying against MY body (not even napping in bed with Tony). Apparently she's sleep deprived and cranky too.

My husband and I, who never fight or are mean to each other, had a good 3 minute yelling at each other tonight. Actually, I yelled and he spoke but was mean. He says maybe I should have my Dr give me some other pill so I won't be cranky and grouchy all the time. I said I wish she would. We've never had a fight (if you can even call it that.) It makes me sad. More so than anything else.

However, Jeremiah has been a good boy today, only rowdy. But what 3 yr old boy isn't rowdy? We rented Kung Fu Panda, again. I've had to tell him severl times not to do Kung Fu over his baby sister's head. I never thought I'd have to yell at someone not to do Kung Fu. LOL!


  1. Oh honey just remember it to will pass. You are only fighting due to lack of time together and the stress of the new hours- I know you know that, but just want to remind you. it is hard to transition to the single married mom lifestyle. As for the bobbin- did you take the throat plate off and dust it well, I had the tiniest piece of string caught up under the bobbin carriage once and it caused that.
    Just a thought. Wish I could sit for you just so you and Tony could have a couple hours together. I will keep praying for you!

  2. I too wish you well! And also wish I was there and would take the kids off your hands even so you could just sleep or rest. God Bless and keep you and I'm praying today is better. Huggs Marion

  3. Sweet Des. I'm sorry you're feeling so frazzled with your plight. When I get that way, I tell myself that I'm not in charge. He is. He may be deciding that you need to take a break. I'm sure it isn't His plan that quilting gets you to heaven. When you can't do one thing, it leaves time to do something else. Do something totally out of character. Kid's love it when Mom "weirds out." A change in your routine changes theirs too. Maybe Jeremiah would like to learn how to do a kung fu mantra for relaxation. Hmmmm. A soothing headache remedy in the making. Free yourself to do something or nothing differently. Hugs, Lee