Thursday, February 12, 2009

Up on a Pedestal

Whew! I finally got all those bags I was working on finished! It took me exactly 7 days, but a couple of those I didn't make any progress 'cause my machine was messing up. In the last 3 days I've managed to make 2 bags a day along with my block a day. And my house is fairly clean! I must be in an episode of the Twilight Zone or something because usually Major Sewing = Messy House. Before I share pics of that (another post later) I must share about the bed frame.

When Hannah was a couple months old we decided we needed to upgrade our bed from a Queen to a King. We needed a new matress anyway and at some point every night, because we are hippies, both kids end up in bed with us and the queen was just a little too crowded. I'm not a very round person but I need more than 7.5" of space to sleep! We got an incredible deal, around $375 for boxsprings and beauitful, soft, comfortable double sided pillow top mattress. No it did not fall off the back of a truck, either. My dh is one of those guys who knows other guys whose buddies owe them favors, LOL!!

Then we had a big bed with no frame. Again, cause we're hippies (or maybe artists? LOL) we set the bed up on the floor. We drove around and looked at "pedestal frames" with drawers in the sides but they run around $1500 on "clearance". Ahem. That's almost 3 months worth of rent! So Tony comes out of the Think Tank one days and says, "You know, I could build one of those and I could even make the drawers bigger." Of course!

He started in earnest. Bought graph paper, drew his design. Took measurements of the bed. Looked up measurements of other pedestal frames. Tweaked the design. Went to Home Depot and measured wood. Took more measurements. Bought wood. For the last 6 months about every other weekend he's been going to my aunt and uncle's to borrow their garage to work an hour or two on this bed frame. They are moving soon so last weekend we went over and he and I worked together, sanding and staining and sealing and we finally got it all done!

The whole time we were doing this we knew it would add about a foot of height to our bed. In fact, exactly a foot. We have nice 24" deep drawers, 2 per side! I picked out the stain and sealant, a lovely "Pecan" shade that dried and still looks wet. Awesome! It looks nice. It SMELLS nice.

Tony took his truck today and picked up the frame, which took up the entire bed of his Dakota truck. My uncle came over with the drawers and Tony's tools. They carried it in and set the bed up on it and OH MY GOSH. I'm the Princess and the Pea. You know the story where the whiny chick piles like, 43 mattresses up?

We forgot our mattress was a double sided pillow top. Our bed is now almost 4 feet tall. We are having to be extra super careful Hannah doesn't roll out of it, LoL! For that matter, I don't want to roll out of it. I love it though, it's gorgeous. Just gonna take some getting used to!


  1. Wow what a great bed!
    I think it is totally cool- my son is still on the floor with his mattress- no frame yet. It is our old bed so you would think a few years now and he would have a frame- nope. Still nada
    I love your QUILTS!!!
    so neat.

  2. wow the bed is awsome!!! Just love it! Marion

  3. Can you put your feet on the ceiling? ROFLMBO