Monday, February 16, 2009

The World According to Jeremiah

I must begin this post with a photo collage of pictures Jeremiah took this evening. We were playing in Hannah's room and I guess this is how he sees the world, from the knees down. Yes he did cut off our heads, but all in all not too bad! :-)
I snapped a quick pic of him because an artist must be seen with his work, LOL! He's being goofy but just look at those gorgeous dark brown eyes!

Today was a no-sew, take it easy day except for when I tried to go pay my car insurance and Hannah pooped all over the world. Instead of taking the poo-clad baby into the insurance office I shoved the check in their mail slot. I hope they got it. I'm sure they were a little confused since it was during office hours, LOL! One of the reasons for my not sewing today was I have some knitting I need to work on. Here's what I got accomplished, the second Steeler's hat. It kind of looks like a bumble bee! : )

I have a UFO (unfinshed object) that I planned to work on this year. I bought the sashing fabric for it yesterday and just out of curiosity I pulled out the blocks (30 of them) to look at them and realized that I didn't square them up before I put them up and they are horribly out of square. I got about 10 of them squared up this evening (might not be done, we'll see now that the kids are going to bed). So far they are all squaring up at 12 and a quarter inches, which is weird to say the least but at least all (except one side of one, which will need wider sashing) are the same size. We'll see about the other 20, LoL! All the blocks are made from an "Ugly" charm and strip swap.

I forgot to post pics of our finished pottery so here is the wonderful Race car that Jeremiah painted and my little cherry tile.

So now do I knit or square up? Decisions, decisions!!


  1. Have a brewski and knit.

    Great pics of you! Jeremiah is good behind the lens. But then you always were too.


  2. Jeremiah is such a sweetie! You can see he is full of life. Those eyes give him away! What a joy! The pictures of you and Hannah are wonderful (boy you are a good looking bunch!!) the quilt is looking good! By the way the one behind Jeremiah in the first pic is wonderful!!! And I adore your tile and Jeremiah's car!!! (Jeremiah is my youngest step sons name he is 18) (Hannah is my great Niece Name she is 2) LOL God Bless have a relaxing evening (Darn gonna have to butter up Jeremaih so next time he will pick my name in the drawing ( lets see what can I send him lmao)

  3. I had a White Russian and I'm knitting, LOL

  4. I think your tile turned out great! His little car too- too cute. Zekaryah used to be into race cars at that age- esp loved to make the noise.
    I love your little collage- that is so neat- I think he did a great job. I know adults that can't seem to get a headshot no matter how hard they try. Boy does it seem like my house- full of life and lots of work!