Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another one bites the dust!

Another quilt top down! I finished the top for my quilt made from the blocks I've done from that pink and orange batik and purple fabrics. I thought about pinning it out today since I bought a really cute orangey/peachy flannel with pink and purple polka dots on it for the backing. JoAnn's said it was a "sew comfy flannel" (ie juvenile print) but it just works with this quilt. Plus the flannel backing will make it all the more comfy. I didn't pin it out though cause I'll need all the pins I can find tomorrow. I'm heading over to Mom's to borrow her ex-library table kitchen table to pin out my queen sized Antique Nine Patch.

And that is another story all in itself! I started to piece the backing for it, measured TWICE and cut the backing--both pieces I needed to sew together--8" too short! Sigh. I had to sew a 10" strip across the bottom of the backing. Tony says the backing is "so beautiful," it's a red on tan toile. Hopefully I'll have piccs tomorrow of a quilted quilt!

Jeremiah must be in the spotlight this week, since he seems to be featured on here nightly. He asked that I put a picture he drew on his magnedoodle of "Kung Fu Panda." He tells me the main characters are here, Po, Tigeress, Monkey, Shi Fu and Ti Lung. I'm taking his word for it!

My precious baby Hannah started walking yesterday! She was 10 months old on the 10th and had been taking a step here and there for about a week but last night she started in earnest. She is taking 5 or 6 steps at a time now, walking the distance between our couch and recliner bypassing the coffee table! My baby is a toddler!! Where does the time go? Here's another snapshot courtesy Jeremiah Photography, LOL!


  1. Ijust cant beleave how beautiful your quilts are! You are truley asume! Jeremiah is such an artist and a model! As for Hannah she is as beautiful as her Momma! I know your Momma is proud of you all as she should be!!! Pretty soon Hannah will be running everywhere wach out!!! LOL Huggs Marion

  2. Oh he is taking such good photos!That is neat. It is good to train them young! I love the new quilt top. Great job! I love the sampler style of it! Eventually I need to get the quilts done for the boys so I can start on our anniversary quilt, thankfully it is not until next year in January, but I have a feeling it will take me a very long time to do a queen size quilt.

  3. I just love the batik stars quilt! You really do exceptional work.

    And wow!! You go Hannah! Walking already. She's going to keep you even busier now, lol