Sunday, February 15, 2009

A good time with Lula

I actually accomplished everything on my quilty-to-do-list for this weekend! I can't believe it! I didn't get my laundry put up but my loving room is pretty much clean and I ran my dishwasher a few minutes ago.

I took a little of my birthday money from my granny and bought the rest of the fabric I need for my purple/batik quilt and the fabric for sashings on one of my UFOs. Hopefully in the next week or two I can break it out and start work on it. At some point too I must get my hands on the lovely black merino wool I bought about a month ago and spin some of it so I can break out my new swift and ball winder. I will have to paint the swift, since it is wood and is able to be painted LOL! I haven't decided yet what to paint on it. Mom painted hers with green hills, cloudy skies and little sheepies. I mustn't be a copy cat so I'll have to think outside the box on this one.

I finished my Good Times with Lula quilt top for my Bumbling Bounty Hunter's Challenge quilt #1. It's 24" square! In true form, it did not cooperate entirely! I squared up HSTs perfectly. I squared up blocks. I lost points everywhere. Sigh. Hannah LOVES this top so I think I will quilt it and let her have it as a doll or snuggle quilt.

Another major accomplishment for the night is I got my first ever etsy Treasury! If you're an etsy member and you catch the lists at the right time you can put together a little page of things you like on etsy. I chose purples and reds, all from either the quiltsy team I am on or the etsyknitters team I am on. I was so nervous, LOL! If that link doesn't work for you and you want to take a peak:

I don't know if I shared pics of the Steeler's hat I made for a guy Tony works with. I have a second one for him I started tonight to use up the rest of the black and gold yarn. Here's my gorgeous, big headed kid modeling my crafts for me again, LOL! He wasn't happy about getting his pic taken, he was playing a "Wow wow Wubzy" computer game and Mama was interupting!

We had a nice, lazy end of the weekend. We took the kids (LOL) to Ryan's buffet for lunch where even Hannah got so full be the end of the meal she way laying her head on the table. Post-buffet we went grocery shopping at Kroger WITHOUT A LIST. I don't know what I bought or for how many meals I bought or actually even what I spent. I do know we got 3 frozen pizzas and 3 2ltrs of mountain dew, LOL. Other than's a surprise!


  1. Congrats on getting everything on your list done- that is so amazing- I am getting closer but still seems so far away. I think it grows though. LOL