Friday, February 20, 2009


I didn't get to yesterday's block yesterday what with the quilting and everything, but I did it this evening! Mom called it "Crosshairs" and I don't know what it's really called so I'm going with that. Last night while my migraine was raging I mentioned to Mom that I couldn't figure out how to make it be 8.5" for my green quilt. Being the great mathemetician that she is she INSTANTLY rattled off numbers and I said, "Uh huh, okay."

This evening when I went to make the block I made it to what I remember Mom saying. The block ended up being 7.5". WHAT THE HECK?! How do you make a 7.5" quilt block? It's unheard of! LOL! So I puzzled at it a minute and then recut everything to a different size and VOILA! an 8.5" block. Yay! This is block number 13 I think, so maybe I only have 3 more to go if I get creative with some pieced borders!

Praise the Lord who is merciful and has taken my headache almost all away! I decided to forgo taking any painkillers last night cause they weren't helping anyway, and instead took an ambien. LoL! I put my babies to bed, Hannah nursed and went in her bed for the last time around midnight so I was able to go to bed then. She didn't wake until almost 6am! This is a long time for her to sleep, especially in her own bed. We've been having problems with that. I was blessed with a good night's sleep and so were my kids--in their own beds!

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  1. I will pray they keep sleeping in their own beds. Boy do I remember that. Heck if they get sick now that they are neary teen and teen they want to sleep in my room on the loveseat- then for days they want to stay in my room. It is so nice to get them and everyone else/thing out of the bedroom! My sewing area is our room- I hope to remedy that soon!!! Glad you headache eased up. They can be a bugger. Cute block too