Friday, February 27, 2009

What the heck?

When did I become the bad quilter? Have I not been quilting for over a decade? Have I not been trained and tutored by other quilters? Have I not made countless quilts and learned from my mistakes? Now I'm not saying I'm the best quilter out there, I'm pretty average but jeez. Suddenly I am the Bad Quilter! The last 3 quilts I have been working on have been simple--blocks, seperated by sashes and cornerstones. Easy. I have squared up my blocks using a ruler. I have then cut my sashes to the same length as the blocks. I have sewn the sashes to the blocks to find that they are ALL at LEAST 1/8" and some 1/4" short. WHAT THE HECK?! So with Jeremiah's quilt I decided to use a different ruler. I ironed the fabric for the sashes to make sure it was totally flat and perfect. I lined it up on the cutting mat. I counted twice before I cut and I cut the sashes to the 8.5" that I squared the blocks up to.

They are all 1/8" - 1/4" short. Sigh. Bangs head on table top.
We went to the fabric store and Jeremiah picked up the first green fabric he saw, said this was it and started to take off. I told him we didn't have to go with the first one and he said, "Oh." He then looked over the selection of green fabrics, choosing a bright green with little bitty blue dots. His favorite colors are blue and green. He then picked a flannel backing that is green and blue and pirates. This is no longer Desiree's Not Really Irish Quilt but Jeremiah's pirate quilt, or whatever he decides to name it. He helped me lay out the mentioned dastardly sashes and cornerstones and kept saying in a nervous little voice, "This is my quilt. You're not gonna sell it?" LoL! He also decided it needs squares across the top and bottom instead of triangles, like his Lightning quilt his Nana made him. Okay! Easier on me!

Yesterday while I was in the shower Tony, my beloved husband gave my son a harmonica. He has been playing it unceasingly, everytime his short-attention-spam-3-year-old-brain remembers about it. He informed me that he was playing "Tinkle, Tinkle, Leetle Tar." I can only assume it's Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Keep on playing son, here, let's look up Steven Tyler on youtube :-D


  1. Ah we have been hearing a recorder- so boy do I feel for ya. And my poor out of tune piano. UGH!
    dont fret on the quilting stuff. I am learning to cut long then trim back- just cause I never do seem to get it exactly what I need.
    I think it is distraction, and being tired.
    not that you are a bad quilter.

  2. Can you see your "mistakes" from the back of a running horse? No?, then no one else will see them either... Good luck and I wants to see the pirate quilt when it's done..