Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ocean Waves and Vampire Fangs

Yesterday was a no-quilting day, unless you could zigzag stitching around the shamrock and throwing together a simple nine patch yesterday morning. I left the house at 11am and we got home last night at 11:15pm, with only a 35 minute stop by the house for me to nurse and change the baby and shower. Exhausting, but at the same time it was a lazy, take our time whereever we go day--which was a nice change.

I went to Gina's when I left and Mom drove over to meet me. Upon arriving we discovered a SALE! 25% off, haha! I got a couple more 1/4yd cuts of reds for my Shakespeare and a couple little pieced of batik I was needing for a bag I had my head.

Today I have managed to do some sewing! And cleaning! And putting up of the groceries I ought yesterday! Quite a bit accomplished today, especially since I'm hardly sleeping anymore--even when I have the chance, I can't relax and sleep. Going to call my Dr about a refill of my ambien tomorrow; she and I both agreed I don't need it every day and I don't want to take it very often, but we both agreed that about once (or twice if needed) is probably benifitial to me to get a good night sleep so I can function correctly, LOL! So I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but you know what? I will probably NEVER get as much done in a day as I plan in my head to do. I am not wonderwoman, LOL! My kitchen is still a mess but...!!

I made the vampire bag I've been planning in my head for month! I finally got the last little bit of batik for it at Gina's, a gorgeous black with red/reddish orange spots here and there like bite marks! Too cool! I got it made entirely today, despite Hannah's protests and best attempts to dissuade me! Spoiled little thing thinks she needs to be held EVERY MINUTE and nursed every OTHER minute-- (note to self, remember times like these the next time you think you want a baby, haha!) I even was able to list it in my etsy shop while I nursed her to sleep for a 3 1/2 minute nap.

Tomorrow is another day with no block (today's was combined with yesterday). Today's block was Ocean Waves which I made scrappy and 8.5" for my green quilt. I now have 9 blocks for it but think I need at least 16 if not 20. I managed to sew together the flying geese I made and squared a couple days ago. Maybe tomorrow I will make the last star block I need for that quilt and cut the sashings. I'm not sure yet what I will use for corner stones but I'm really not planning that far in advance; something will turn up that will suit the quilt.

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  1. I love the new block. It is really neat looking. I bet the bag will sell with the Twilight thing being so big. Are you going to market it that way?
    Kind of like your moms Pirates of the Carib.. yarn? Just a thought.
    I totally get the sleep thing- I will say an extra prayer for you, as like you I am not one to like to take meds for stuff unless it is necessary beyond belief. :-)