Friday, January 30, 2009


Today was a make up a block sort of day. The picture on the calender was for an ocean waves quilt done in grayed out jelly bean colors. Beautiful quilt, horrible colors. Tomorrow's block will be the ocean waves block but I don't know what colors I'll do it in. I'll figure it out then. I made up today's block. I wasn't going to use any St Patty's/shamrock/luck fabrics in my green quilt but I got to thinking, you can't have a St Patrick's Day quilt without a shamrock somewhere so I made up this one. The whole block took about 4 1/2 minutes start to finish because I can't find my green thread to zigzag stitch around the edges of the shamrock. Guess it really isn't finished then, but I'll find the thread tomorrow.

We got our tax return today so I was able to go do some fabric shopping! I bought 3 more yards of Warm and White batting because it's a good thing to have on hand. I bought some gold and black skeins of yarn because a guy Tony works with admired his orange knitted boggin (hats) the kids gave him for Christmas that he wants one for himself. He said Steeler's (stealers?) colors. Tony said gold and black, so since I know nothing about football I'm taking his word for it. I wish they had had a varigated yarn, but they didn't and I have an idea for the hat already.

I bought to 1/4yd cuts of red fabric toward my Shakespeare in the Park. Man, did JoAnn's red selection suck. I was hoping they'd have more than that, but they didn't other than precut FQs and I was already buying a couple of those and didn't want to get any more. I'll have to go look at Gina's, one of our LQS--I could spend a fortune on red fabrics there!!

I bought 1/4yd cuts of fabric toward 2 quilts for the Bumbling Bounty Hunter's quilt challenge. Guess what or who the 2 quilts will represent! I can't wait to start on one of these and probably will, even though I have other things to work on. Like quilting the Bob quilt and quilting my mini green quilt. Oooh, but patience is not one of my strong point. In fact I'd like to have part of the scripture from James, "let patience have it's perfect work" tattooed inside my left wrist where I'll see it 1000 times a day!
And I got some "just because" fabric. I never get just because fabric, so I'm pretty excited. Although the green paisley is probably toward the St Patty's quilt and on the way home I decided that I wish I had bought a yard of the dark blue on the left instead of the 1/2 yd 'cause then I could use it for sashings for a UFO I'm planning on finishing this year!! DARN IT! LoL!


  1. wow that shamrock square is awsome!!! I LOve it!!! and as far as "let patience have it's perfect work" yes I need that in front of my face constantly as I have none what so ever!!! You do beautiful work!!! God Bless and huggs Marion oh and PS you have to go over to my blog to see what I made!!!

  2. I love that shamrock. I love St. Patty's Day. Do you have a pattern or hints for making that square you could share? I also need that tattoo. Although I'm not sure it would help.

  3. Well you got the Steeler's colours right. I love the fabrics you picked out. Have fun with your pretties..

  4. I love the shamrock quilt. I can say I have made an Irish/Shamrock quilt since I made two last year for the man I work for of course it was combined with Army Stars- wow what an Ugly quilt, but it grew on me by the time I made the second one. I know the kids have decided tehy would like me to have seasonal placemats, potholders and wallhangings for the dining room. Mekenzei loves your Shamrock. Oh and her friend got the blue bag today with the angel- it matches a jacket she got for her birthday- blue with the word angel on it! Too perfect!!!
    Congrats on the fabric. I just won some reds- can't wait till they get here. Now if I can find Navy ones to match I will be in business.