Sunday, January 4, 2009

Courthouse Steps

I haven't been home since Saturday morning. We came to Mom's yesterday to work on the water heater, went from there to church and ran into my aunt and uncle at church. They mentioned they thought we were going to come over on New Year's to have a little party and had bought something for just that occasion, and Tony and I figured since we were already almost there and their house is closer to Mom's than ours, we'd just go enjoy what they bought and spend the night. Save us a 30 mile trip home and back to Mom's today.

Hannah, in true childish form, has run a fever since we arrived at my aunt's. I got 4 hours sleep last night that was broken up by 2 hrs of being up with the feverish, babbling baby. The couple hours I did sleep I must have slept crooked on my neck so every time I move my head I feel like I get an electrical charge through my neck and head.

Needless to say I have a headache of apocalyptic proportions again.

Here I am, at Mom's, again with my still feverish baby. My son is running wild and slightly cranky from not having had a nap for 2 weeks while his Daddy has been off work. Thankfully Mom has the same quilt block a day calender that I do. Yesterday and today were combined so there was one block between them, a Courthouse Steps block. Mom (the overachiever) made it and a Log Cabin since they are variations of the same block and that gave her a block for yesterday and today. I attempted such a feat but with holding the baby and the headache I got a little befuddled and ended up with a 1/4 Log Cabin block. Humph. It's cute, I'm gonna keep it. Maybe over the course of the year I'll end up with little blocks and I can set them with sashing for a doll quilt or something.

I am totally ignoring the sizing charts on the back of each day's block and doing whatever the heck size I feel like. I think quilters should be free spirits, LOL! The Courthouse Steps block is 9.5" square and the oops block is 5.5" square.

Whilst riding around in the car and sitting around on relative's couches I have managed to finish my FIRST EVER knit sock! I really like how it came out, though now I know some subtle differences I need to do if I should ever knit another pair. I have enough left to get another pair my size out of this same yarn, if I use a blue or lime for the heels so I might do that later on.

And the question for the day is:
HOW does a boy of 8 DESTROY a Rubik's Cube within 48 hours of getting it in his stocking?? Here is a pic of my brother Allen holding my brother Josiah's stocking stuffer. Josiah is the destroyer in question.


  1. first I hope the child gets better quickly. No fun with a baby that dont feel good and running a fever. I adore the quilt blocks you and your Mom do, I have always wanted to try quilting but didnt have the guts. The socks are adorable! love the colorway you choose. Now for the rubiks cube, has not anyone told you that boys always take things apart to see how they work and most of the time they never get back together? LOL huggs Marion

  2. Oh yes, I know first hand that boys destroy things! I have a 20 yr old brother, an almost 17 yr old brother, an 8 year old brother and a 3 yr old son. Plus I used to run around with guys a lot as a teenager and we broke everything, LOL!

    I had just never seen anyone take apart a rubik's cube!