Friday, January 2, 2009

Ohio Star

Today is a typical winter day in East Tennessee. It is cold, dreary, gray, wet and damp without actually raining and with no discernable sky to speak of. A great day for staying inside, napping or resting and working on hobbies. I've made pretty good progress on my first sock! I turned/finished the heal this morning and did about 5 more rows but that's it as Friday = payday = shopping day. Made the "mistake" of going to the Oak Ridge Walmart. Everyone in the world was packed in there, having just got their SS/D checks and they were all loaded for bear. I nearly got run over by a shopping cart 3 times trying to pick up some Excedrin.

On a completely unrelated note, Hannah has developed a bad diaper rash over the last couple days. I am using Aveno diaper rash ointment (she isn't allergic to this one) or baby powder with corn starch alternately, but it doesn't seam to be helping. We've gone through about 20 diapers (at $11 for 30!) since Wed night because of having to change her every time her diaper gets even a little soiled so it doesn't make it worse. A clerk at a store once told me to set the baby in a shallow bath of warm water with baking soda in it and it will clear it right up. Does anyone know if this works? I am worried it might cause problems with little girls, if ya know what I mean.

Today's block is an Ohio Star. I really love this block, always have. I have an affinity for star blocks anyway and also for HSTs or QSTs so this one really works for me. I cheated a little, since it's such a lazy day and used left over QSTs from the baby quilt I made for my sister Betsy. Using up stash/ufos and being productive, YAY ME! The block is done out of batiks and handdyes, though the corners isn't the same fabric as the light in the QSTs it matches pretty good! This block is 12.5".

Hannah had her first "big girl" bath last night! She is stable enough now to sit in the tub without slipping and has totally outgrown the baby bath tub. Boy did she have a blast!

And yesterday, all by himself, Jeremiah wrote his Daddy's name on the back of his left hand. He wrote a T all by himself, then a "leetle O" then asked me what "numbers" were next. Pretty good for a 3 yr old! He was so proud, and so was Tony. :-)


  1. Girls tend to get a yeast rash and the only thing I was told to use on that is an antifungal creme. Yes the kind you put on your feet for althletes feet. The dr told me to buy the cheepest or generic kind at the drug store. Oh man it worked like magic!!! As your dr about anything you want to use or the pharmisit!!! Marion

  2. I love the block. That is one on my list to try for this year. I read your moms blog about getting the wrong calendar. That is so something I would do!
    So what is your sheep on safari minature quilt for?