Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another year here

So today began another year. When I was a kid new years day felt big. Probably it felt like what it is, the cusp of a new year and anticipation for whatever lies ahead. Now that I'm an adult it just feels like another day but I do wonder what'll happen this year. I don't believe in "resolutions". People don't keep them; I don't keep them. However, I do pray to be more patient and loving with my kids, to be more single minded in my crafts and not make so many UFOs. I hope to have a good year of sales on etsy too, so I'm praying about that one!

Last year was pretty good. There were ups and downs. My daughter was born; it's so hard to believe we'll be celebrating her first birthday in April. Time has flown. My son potty trained, what a blessing! I got a lot of quilting done and I have a lot of quilting left unfinished. My husband and I made it through another year of marriage without having a fight. Probably we could've had more sex though, LOL!

I have lots of pictures to share today! First and foremost I got a belated Christmas present (this is what happens when you don't check your PO box for almost 2 weeks!) Gorgeous batik fat quarters from sent to me by "Santa!" I am suspicious about the actual sender, but since St Nick decided to remain annonymous I will just say thank you, thank you to whoever you are! They are beautiful and feel wonderful and I can't wait to use them!

Second is a picture of another Christmas present from my aunt. I was the recipient of my grandfather's Mother's button tin. What wonderful vintage buttons to use on my quitled bags and other things! I am so excited about this one, not only heirloom but antique! : )

The other pictures are of the fiber Mom and Dad gave me, I finished spinning it last night. It took me a week to spin a pound of fiber. I got 482 yards of thick and thin yarn that I cannot wait to begin knitting myself a shrug out of. I am trying and trying to have patience and to finish up some works in progress before starting it. Not to mention that hubby gave me 4 JoAnne Fluke mysteries that need reading, I have 4 more Janet Evanovich and Mom has loaned me 3 Margaret Lawrence books!

I started my first pair of knitted socks for myself. It is a beautiful blue and green handpainted yarn from Pancake and Lulu off etsy. I had it in my favorites and my parents bought it and stuck it in my stocking, LoL! I am knitting 64 stitches on bamboo needles the size of toothpicks. I am going to make the cuff/ribbing around the top short though, not even an inch, since I favor no-show socks so hopefully these won't take me eons to finish, hehe!

Today's page on my Quilt a Day calender just shows the quilt that can be made from the next 6 days worth of blocks, so I don't start any actual block piecing until tomorrow. Tony is at my parents again working on plumbing, again. The kids and I stayed home in favor of taking a nap and laying around (watching a Bones marathon on TNT!) I am definitely going to do some knitting if nothing else, but I'd like to piece at least 1 "Happy Batik Block" for my quilt I'm working on. I still need 35 blocks so I figure if I do one a day I can get the top pieced before the end of Feb. Maybe I can get the batting and backing with some birthday $$ and start quilting it for my birthday!

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