Saturday, December 27, 2008


Tony's off until the 5th so I've been spindling while he's watched the kids. And I've been spindling while he was off working on the bedframe, whilst Hannah crawled around on the floor under my feet trying to catch fly-away bits of fiber.
My house is still in Christmas turmoil. Boxes everywhere. New baby outfits everywhere. Toys! Batteries! DVDs, blenders! Did I mention I did about 8 loads of laundry before Christmas that didn't get put up in all the hubbub and running around? I'm ignoring it. Actually, I was ignoring it until about 2 this afternoon when the laundry-guilt took over and I started to sort through laundry. Now my house is even more of a mess.

But look at the progress I'm making! I can't wait to get to Mom's tomorrow and use her swift to see how many yards of yarn I'm getting. I still have about half of the fiber too! Ooh, I could just run around in a circle like a chiuahua and pee on myself.

From Tuesday:
From yesterday:


Bear in mind that Mom spun the bit you see skeined, I think she said it was 68 yards. I've done what is on the water bottle, the mountain dew 2 liter and the spindle. What FUN!


  1. you are too too funny!!! your yarn is beautiful. I hate to see what happens when you get a spinning wheel. And if you get hooked eventually you will have a wheel, or at least that is how it happened to me. God Bless huggs Marion

  2. Yum, I wants your yarn, yes, I do... It's lovely and how funny is it to watch the chillins trying to catch the floats/motes. Children and spinning are a joy aren't they.

    I see that you and I enjoy the same books as well in Davison, Fowler, and Chiaverini. Have you read Fluke or Evanovich?

  3. The Plum Romances are fun in between readings, I just love the way Janet writes. Enjoy the Fluke books, we've actually make some of the recipes included. I have also made some of Davison's recipes as well. If you haven't read them, pick up Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, now there is a series to get lost in...

  4. Gorgeous yarn, Des! Geez, all you needed was another, hobby!

    Tell Leslie we have read ALL the Davidson novels and own ALL the Evanovich novels, even the between-the-numbers... another "hobby" LOLOLOLOL