Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Okay so I'm selfish

I have another blog to post later with pictures, quilty and creative things, but right now I'm going to complain.

I'm sitting here nursing the baby instead of making dinner and I'm starving. Not unlike a child, this makes me just a little cranky. This brings me to the selfish thing. As I sit, nursing and starving I am wishing I was independantly wealthy.

Why? Because. If I were filthy rich I wouldn't have any gray in my hair, I would pay someone to fix it. I would pay off my parents house and buy Tony some teeth. I would have a fabric stash again. I would pay off my cars and I could have picked every single card off the Angel Tree at Walmart and bought all the sad little kids each a present, sneakers AND a coat.

But the biggest reason why I wish I was rollin' in it is my husband could have a part time job flipping burgers just to get him out of my hair for a little while, but the rest of the time he could be here to help me!

I am sick, starving and drowning in housework I don't have the energy for. The creative bug has bitten today and I'm doing baggy things because I can work on that 5 minutes at a time and it takes less energy than loading my dishwasher, but then I feel guilty. I wouldn't have to feel like a whiner or need to borrow a sibling once a week to get anything done. Tony could play with babies, hold the craby one while I make dinner, take Jeremiah fishing. It's cold, okay, he could play Candy Land with Jeremiah.

Sorry I'm whining; I know for thousands of years woman have had babies, killed and cooked dinner and kept their husbands happy and some have managed to even brush their hair with all of that. I'll suck it up in a minute and I'll be back to my feeble attempts at being Wonder Woman. I just needed to vent and be selfish for a minute. LoL! Thanks for listening. Now that's over I should mention I am so very thankful for my husband's full time job, for our nice cars (even if they aren't paid for just yet), for the fabric I do have to play with. I praise the Lord for my healthy, beautiful, intelligent children. I am blessed to be able to stay home full time with them and I take none of that for granted!


  1. You are just having a mommy moment. We all have them. It is hard to balance it all, and anyone that tells you different isn't being honest with themselves. Sometimes we also just need to vent! But it is all the sandpaper moments that God uses to work through us and for us, so don't fret. The house will still be there tomorrow. A pastor once told me that God would rather us play with our children then clean our house, that it built character. So... who knows. I do hope you feel better, it is a bummer to be under the weather

  2. hooo, boy! Been there, done that a THOUSAND times. Balance is so hard to find, but I am so proud of you! You are a good mom, your house always looks nice (with the exception of the clean-laundry-in-waiting, but at least it's out of sight from the front door!) and your hubby is happy.

    Be happy Des! If Gof really is keeping my tears in a bottle, it must be a big one.

  3. oopw, I meant God... hope He isn't offended that I misspelled His name! (Great! Now I have GUILT!)