Sunday, December 14, 2008

Killing time and old blue jeans

Well here I sit at my aunt and uncle's house again, killing time while my husband works on our bed frame. It's about 40 degrees outside and Tony and Russ (my uncle) are making drawers for the sides of it. It looks great!! I am really excited because it is finally almost done. Apparently the drawers are a lot of work so Tony has been putting it off. I brought some knitting with me but I'm not interested in the project so I'm procrastinating too. Seems to run in the family. LoL!

Other than my Granny's quilt I didn't get anything else quilty done this week. I did make a couple bags to list in my etsy shop but not like the ones I usually make. I had a pair of much beloved blue jeans bust a hole in the top of the inseam for the 3rd or 4th time and so they were beyond repair. So I cut them up! HA HA! I cut 10" off the very bottom of the legs and made 2 little handbags with it. I machine appliqued batik hearts to the front, lined them and then added a batik strap and button tab. They turned out pretty cute. Don't know if they will sell but if not I have little sisters and their friends I can pawn them off on. I just couldn't think of tossing them without trying to turn them into something else first. I saved the top of the jeans to make a fairly large handbag. I sewed the fly shut, leaving the pockets all usable. I've lined it and made the straps for it but I need to pick up a zipper. It is just too wide to use a button tab. It's pretty cute, can't wait to get it done to post pics!

I have signed up once again for N2Quiltings Liberate Your Stash Challenged issued by Lucy Coleman. Basically any fabric purchased before Jan. 31 2009 is eligible for use in anything we can come up with. This is good because I don't have much stash anymore and HOPEFULLY Santa will bring me some fabric or fabric store gift cards, LOL! I plan on making at least 3 queen sized quilts out of my scrap box next year.

I have also joined N2Quilting's UFO Challenge. We make a list of each item we have that is an UnFinished Object or a Work In Progress (WIP) and try to cross them off our list as the year goes on. The person who finishes the most unfinished projects wins. Ashamedly I have 2 items on my list that were there when Lucy issued this challenge in 2006. *sigh* I made my list the other day, 11 items. All but 2 are at least twin sized but half of them are King sized. Guess I have my work cut out for me. :-D

Here's a little something funny. A tune about stuff a Mom says in a day, set to the William Tell Overture

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  1. Oh I would be in troube if I listed all my UFOS and boy do I have a stash of novelty prints. Both good challenges to enter I suppose. Just can't even think about adding one more thing to my schedule just yet. Just got asked to do two TShirt Quilts but I have never done them before, so I just dont know if I even want to. LOL
    I cant wait to see your blue jean bags. My daughter has a very tiny one from just the pockets of a pair of jeans. It is cute, not pratical but cute