Friday, December 5, 2008

Fa ra ra ra ra

I just love the movie a Christmas Story. Mayhem and chaos, ah...dear, dear memories of Christmases past. LOL! In the honor of the movie's 25th anniversary I made an oriental/Christmas fabric bag a while back. Since Christmas is almost upon us and I would hate to see it hang around until next Christmas I've put it on sale for 20% off the original listing price.

Yesterday I did manage to make and list 2 more bags made from civil war repros. I have another full-sized one and another small knitting project sized one. I've titled them War is NOT Civil. It's as political-activist as I get. I just don't have the energy to get excited about things I can't change. I'm sticking to teaching my kids morals and not worrying about other stuff. The Lord will take care of us, no matter what's going on. I felt quite triumphant; 2 bags in one day! Then I looked at my house. Then I felt guilty. LoL!

My best and only friend called tonight to say they are back in town until Sunday night, so she will try to get over here tomorrow night and visit! I haven't seen her since April, so I'm hoping to have a nice (if short) visit. Since her kids just happen to be my wonderful godchildren, I picked up a couple little things for them for Christmas at the store tonight. I had made Summer (8) a bag from fun/bright girly prints so I got her some hair things and lip smackers to put in it. My friend, Bethany has been on me for a year for a knit hat with a "HUGE puffy ball on top" so that's what she's getting, with matching fingerless gloves. :-)

I have tons of email to catch up on, if I owe you an email I am sorry! I'm calling it an early night as far as computing goes. Tony and I rented HellBoy 2 so we're going to have a nice romantic movie night when he gets home, LoL. (Our first date we went to see HellBoy.) I need to pick up the house some more, give Jeremiah then me a shower and maybe sew?? on Granny's quilt. In an hour. Yikes!

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  1. Love the new listing. I will pray that you sell some bags! I might list some panel quilts on Etsy, I have yet to use my account. I used to sell them on Ebay but I only made $3 per quilt after all the fees, Paul said no more...
    Hope you have a great time with your friend!