Friday, December 19, 2008

Major cookie, minor quilty

Before anything else, when Mom got to my house today she brought me HOMEMADE CREAM PUFFS. Miniature eclairs. Bits of HEAVEN. Whatever you want to call them!

Boy did we bake today. We baked 5 batches of cookies. 1 Chocolate chip, 1 Chocolate snow cap, 1 peanut butter and 2 batches of Snickerdoodles. See my chocolate chip cookies!

While all that was going on Mom and I began to work on my Granny's quilt. Oops. Her half was bigger than mine by 3" all around. The nearest store that sells fabric is 35 minutes away and neither of us was feeling like a trip to Knoxville so I dug around in my stash and found a red in my box of Shakespeare in the Park fabrics that matched well enough. Thank God there was enough! We added borders, pinned it out and Mom quilted it while I worked on cookies. Then while she worked on cookies I did the binding. Then we through it in the wash while we made corndogs for dinner, LOL!

When it FINALLY came out of the dryer we painted the kids that were still here's handprint on different squares. Still need to add my cousin Dana and my brothers Allen and Artemas but then it is ALL done and can be wrapped.

Mom's side of the quilt was a W/U entry for the N2Quilting list. Or a round robin. I can't remember. I am so tired my brain and fingers are fuzzy.

Diantha is spending the night so Mom can work on her Christmas present tomorrow. BUAHAHA. She doesn't know she's been gotten rid of for the day, LOL, she just thinks she was left here. Maybe tomorrow I can work on laundry a little.

My husband wants to make cupcakes to take to work tomorrow. Red velvet for Christmas he says. I don't think he understands that is it 12:22 AM. He said he'd make them (I just didn't get to it today) but he keeps hinting that I could make them. Stuff like, "You didn't start on the cupcakes while I was in the shower did you? Oh." And to Jeremiah, "I'm gonna have to help Mama help me make cupcakes a little...she's really good at that." *sigh* Sometimes I'd like to not be so freaking wonderful. Hannah is asleep, the first time this week she's gone to bed before 1:30AM! Sheesh. I don't know what her deal is. But she is alseep. I could be asleep.

But, I am wonderful at making cupcakes.


  1. I Love your blog and your mom's too. You are very special people. You always seem to make me smile and look at the world in a better way! God Bless you all, your children and family. Grandma is very very lucky to have such wonderful children,grandchildren to make her that beautiful quilt. I know she will treasure it always. Im green with envy! The cookies and the smiling faces so intently working on them what a lovely sight! Thanks again for shareing. hmmmmmm how did them cupcakes come out?

  2. That is an amazing quilt! A keepsake for sure to pass down for generations. I think it is awesome!
    Of course the cookies look way yummy too. :-)
    I understand about being up late, I was putting teachers gifts in bags at 11:30, signing cards etc. Then Jakob wanted fudge for his teachers but I didn't have enough time to let it sit as he catches the bus at 5:45 or so... Maybe for Valentines Day. Anyway Congrats on the quilt, glad you had enough to finish it.