Thursday, December 4, 2008

Half Square Triangle Pictorial

I posted this in the photos section of the yahoo group N2Quilting, where I am a moderator. I thought I'd post it now out here in cyberspace where other people can see it.

Henceforth half-square triangles will be refered to as HSTs, to save me time and prolong carple-tunnel syndrome, LoL!

Start with 2 squares one inch bigger than you need your finished HST to be. For example, I am using 4" charms so my HSTs will square to 3.5", and in a finished block will be 3".
You'll need one dark square and one light square for every 2 HSTs you want to make.

Take the light squares and lay them face down, so you're looking at the wrong side of the fabric. Use a pencil or quilt-marking pen and draw a diagonal line down the center of the block.

Lay the dark and light squares right sides together, with the light fabric on top so you're looking at the diagonal line you drew.
Sew, using a 1/4" seam allowance, a straight line down each side of the diagonal line you drew.

Cut the blocks apart on the line that you drew

Press your HSTs

Line the block up so you can "square it up" or trim, as some people call it, to whatever size your HST needs to be. Mine need to be 3.5"

Now we have 2 finished HSTs, size 3.5". This is the size you need to make a 9" finished block. I was making churn dash blocks and simple friendship star blocks when I did this tutorial.

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