Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And the winner is...

Anna (aka) Spinweaver623 has been randomly selected by my 3 year old to be the recipient of the Little Hippy batik bag that I've had up for grabs. I've sent her a private e-mail to let her know and I look forward to mailing this cute little bag to her. I hope she will love it!

I had a lot of fun doing this giveaway. The suspense was great! Jeremiah even had fun picking the winner (he picked a number). I will definitely have to do this again in a few months.

Back on the home front...

My sister Diantha spent the night again Sunday night and Mom picked her up last night about dinner time. Boy is she a lot of help. Not only did she help watch the kids, allowing me to get boocoos of housework done but she also snipped all the seams on Hannah's shaggy quilt for Christmas! AND I had time to quilt the whole Ugly Quilt, which is now not Ugly at all so maybe it's a Swan Quilt. I am definitely going to have to take Diantha shopping this week and let her pick something, or give her money if she'd rather. The Word says that a workman is worthy of his pay and Diantha is too.

I had Tony hold up the shaggy so I could get a picture and then he couldn't resist showing Hannah to see her reaction. At least she's little and will still be surprised at Christmas, LOL!

On the agenda for today is to finish cleaning my room and the kitchen, make and put binding on the Swan Quilt and maybe start folding all the laundry I did yesterday. I guess this morning Tony and Jeremiah are going to dig the crib out of storage and put it up since Hannah outgrew the safety of her bassinette about a week ago and so has been sleeping with us...and keeping me awake.

I washed Hannah's shaggy last night too, so it's all ready to wrap. I might wrap a couple presents later to put under the tree because Jeremiah is all concerned about them. : ) Plus it will help make the house look more Christmassy. I thought while I was at it I'd share a pic of my Scrappy Squares quilt that I made using 2.5" cut charms. The quilt is queen size and has roughly over 1,600 squares in it.


  1. Smile....I would love to see Hannah playing on her quilt with all body parts flying! It's going to be a sweet Christmas for your family!! Your Scrappy Squares quilt is breathtaking!! Note to self .. go to D's site and see if it's listed. Warmest wishes to all, Lee

  2. I love you scrappy bed quilt!! Hannah's blanket is adorable, maybe will make one for my niece.