Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Star Row Robin

Years and years ago I was in a row robin. I made a 12"x60" row of blocks and mailed it on for people add too. Last year I got out the top, pinned and began quilting it. I tried to quilt something different down every row. I outline quilted some, stipple quilted, did free-hand continuous spirals (badly!), etc. I need to do a little more quilting in the row with moons in it but my original row, which is actually the second in the quilt now, has no quilting. I can't decide what to do in it. What do you think?

I already went ahead and bound the quilt since only 1 more row really needs quilting. I figured better to do that then let the edges get all torn up until I finally finish it. This has been on my UFO list since 2002, LoL! I'd like to finish it up before the new year.
I actually made the bottom row too, since the quilt top came back 12" too short for a twin. The finished quilt is twin sized and I love it! I handdyed the yellow fabric my original rows of stars was made with (the row with the hearts uses some of my handdye too). I sent 3yds of the navy with blue stars on with my row. I absolutely love that fabric!


  1. Wow you should be proud that is awsome! Marion

  2. I think that is the neatest idea! Reminds me of the Elm Creek Series in a way. Pretty cool. I would chicken out and ask your mom to quilt that section.LOL
    I am sure you will come up with something great though. Congrats on the quilt.