Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More binding!

Praise the Lord who "knows the things you have need of before you ask Him." (Matt 6:8)!! A person usually isn't so excited about quilt bimding, but I am thrilled! I sat down this morning to put binding on a quilt for Christmas and RAN OUT of binding less than 3 feet from the end. Crap, crap. I thought I had bought enough but apparently not and JoAnn's is 30 miles from my house and I couldn't really afford to go buy more. So I spent all day almost-silently fuming about my lack of binding and my brain damage for not buying enough (meant to buy 5/8ths yd, bought 1/3 yd).

Mom, Dad and the kids came over and I got the idea that maybe, maybe I had a couple pieces of that fabric in my scrap box because I love it and have used it before. I found 2 little pieces that was big enough for about 14" of straight-grain binding, I thought I could use it and just piece a little bit of something else in the gap. Then I remembered that I save all the leftover pieces of binding I have, because I can sew them all together to use on a utility quilt (I did that for my scrappy squares quilt) or for potholders, whatever. Praise God, praise God! I had a BUNCH of binding made out of that same fabric I was needing!! I had used it to bind a row-robin a while back and apparently had a bunch of it leftover! Woohoo! I was able to finish the binding on this quilt, and as soon as I take all the safety pins out of it I can wash it.

Of course, since everyone was here I can't find the label...*sigh*
Anyway, not much else going on. Just wanted to share my little bitty praise report for the day. I didn't get any Bible in yet today, but the last couple days I've managed to sneak at least 30 minutes of uninterupted quiet time for myself with my Bible! It's only been a couple days but I can already tell the difference; I feel better inside. Hopefully when Tony gets home he can watch the kids, LoL!

Jeremiah and I started wrapping Christmas presents 'cause he was stressing about the tree being up with nothing under it. :-) I should have known better, sitting on the floor ruins my back so now I'm hurting and I'm going to have to go lay on the couch. Just so happens that A Christmas Story is on TV, what a shame, I will have to watch it. Fudge...LOL!


  1. wow I had to wach A Christmas story last night also!!! Huggs God Bless Marion

  2. Isn't it wonderful when things unfold, completely out of our hands, and we can say "Thank You" to the One in charge!! Sometimes we get in our own way and that just leads to lots of frustration. You're doing it the right way. Keep on keeping on! I hope your back feels better. Oh, everyone needs a dose of "The Christmas Story!" It's become a tradition in our family. Best to you and yours! Lee