Friday, December 26, 2008

Eccentric Presents

We did Christmas with my immediate side of the family on Tuesday night. My family is a little eccentric. Just a little. And so at Christmas we expect some kind of unconventional gifts. Also, I'm pretty good at guessing what a present is by shaking, squeazing and sometimes just looking at a package. So since I was a kid Mom has tried to get me at least 1 present a year that I don't expect and will totally stump me. Boy did she do it this year.

When I was passed this present I looked at it and said, "Oh you got me a case of toilet paper!" They all grinned and told me that was wrong, to open it. Well, it wasn't a case of toilet paper. It was a really cool retro-chrome diner napkin dispenser and a CASE of 4500 paper napkins. Mom said, "You never have napkins." I will have napkins when Jeremiah graduates. Ney, when he marries. I can get a rubber stamp with his and his bride's name and just stamp them on the leftover napkins for the wedding. LOL! I love it, too funny!

One of my other AWESOME presents from Mom was a thousand pounds (okay, probably somewhere between 15oz and 20oz) of various red, more red, black, white, and sparkly wool and a drop spindle of my very own! I immediately had to spin just a little bit since I knew I wouldn't be able to until today. This morning I spun some more and have the spindle quite full. I'm almost to the point where I want to borrow her swift and set the spin in this and start some more.

Hannah got a wonderful, gorgeous silver chain with a cross hanging from it for her first Christmas. The links in the chain are heart shaped and as serendipity would have it, she also got a wonderful, beautiful anklet of heart shaped chain links with little bells hanging from it. Very gypsy. My brother in law joked (since upon arriving at my inlaws, Hannah's clothes immediately came off since it was 80 degrees in there!) that in only her diaper and fancy jingle bells her stage name was "Bambi". LoL!

Jeremiah recieved a play electric guitar and a chainsaw, among other things. I think these two are at the top of the list. He fell alseep Tues. night holding the chain saw and Wed. night holding the guitar. He asked his Nana and Papaw if they had ever heard Nickelback on the radio.

Tony was blessed with a small shop-vac of his very own, so he can be a wonderful husband and clean out my car. MUAHAHAHA!

We had a wonderful Christmas, 6 or 7 times by the time we were done this year. We are blessed with a large and loving family so it takes a lot of miles and a lot of presents before we're done making the rounds but it is so great to be able to see everyone and we are thankful for having had a safe, happy and healthy Christmas!

OH YEAH, we also recieved these SUPER cute magnets from my parents. Mom got them from Polpette Clay on etsy. The lady custom made Tony's with a gotee and Jeremiah's as Darth Vader. Mine is getting the other peas tangled in red yarn and Hannah's is cute and pink.

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas!! Isn't family the most magical blessing in all the world? Oh, by the way, got a napkin I can borrow? Hahahaha!